Parent Survey

Anonymous Survey to Help us Meet Student and Parent Needs
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How often do you have communication with your child's teacher via newsletter's, web-sites, emails, texts, and or Class Dojo? *
Are you aware of the student links page on our web-site? *
Do you have easy access to internet? *
If we offered technology classes, would you be interested in attending? (Possible classes might be internet basics, Google Drive, How to Keep my Child Safe on the Internet?, Spreadsheets, and etc.) *
What would you be most interested in attending? *
I don't see myself attending
I might be interested
I would attend
Word Processing
Internet Basics
Google Drive
One Drive
Digital Citizenship
How often do you have time to read with your child or help him/her with homework? *
To what extent do you think your children enjoy going to school? *
I feel involved in my child's education. *
How regularly does your child read for fun? *
On average, how well does your child work independently on learning activities at home? *
How well do administrators at your child's school create a school environment that helps children learn? *
Students at the school are treated fairly no matter what the race or cultural background. *
Do you feel like you are well informed? *
The school communicates with families in different ways. (newsletters, web-sites, phone, emails, and etc.) *
It is easy to get a translator if I need one? *
I know what my child's learning goals are in school and see evidence of him/her accomplishing those goals. *
My child is challenged to do his or her best. *
The school connects student, families, and staff in community services, and community improvement initiatives. *
What is your preferred way of communication?
1st Preference
2nd Preference
3rd Preference
Phone call
Note home
Web-site (Facebook)
Class Dojo
Daily folder
Web page
Would you be interested in parenting support? *
I don't see myself attending or using this resource
I may attend or use this resource
I would attend or use this resource
Parenting tips on newsletters
A Blog where I can ask questions
A contact at school besides the teacher that I can call when needed
Parenting support classes meeting at school
Parent discussion groups
Does your child's teacher use Class Dojo? *
If you answered yes to question 20, rate how you like Class Dojo?
The NWEA report sent to me three times a year showing my child's progress has been useful *
Please let us know how we can improve.
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