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Anonymous Survey to Help us Meet Student and Parent Needs
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Check the grade level of each child you have at Jefferson. *
Are you happy with the amount of communication you receive? *
In no, what suggestions do you have on better ways to communicate with you? *
Do you have easy access to the internet? *
Is your child using Student Links on our web-site for Waterford, learning web-sites, and/or reading? *
Does your child enjoy school? *
What motivates your child to read? *
Students at the school are treated fairly no matter what the race or cultural background. *
Do you feel like you are well informed? *
I know what my child's learning goals are in school and see evidence of him/her accomplishing those goals. *
Would you be interested in parenting support? *
I don't see myself attending or using this resource
I may attend or use this resource
I would attend or use this resource
Parenting tips on newsletters
A Blog where I can ask questions
A contact at school besides the teacher that I can call when needed
Parenting support classes meeting at school
Parent discussion groups
Do you understand the NWEA Growth Assessment report that is sent home? *
Please let us know how we can improve.
Do you and your child feel like you have enough guidance support? *
What resources does your child have at home? *
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Books at his/her level to read independently
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