Maya Inspiration visual map review questions
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1. What civilization are we studying?
2. Which of the following is the Essential Question for our unit?
3. The Mayans lived in an area we call Mesoamerica. What does Mesoamerica mean?
4. The Mayan territory included parts of what modern day countries?
5. In the Maya territory, there are four climate types. Which of the following does NOT belong?
7. The Pre-classic period lasted from
9. The Post-classic period lasted from
10. Which of the following is NOT true of the Classic period
11. The Classic civilization period collapsed
12. During what time period did more Maya move north to the Yucatan peninsula?
13. We know how the Maya lived from a variety of sources of information. Which one is NOT a source of any information that we have today?
Use the map below to answer question 14.
14. In the map above, select the letter that labels the general area of the Maya territory.
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