Cowboy Locker Request
Historically, a large percentage of eighth graders do not utilize the locker assigned to them at the beginning of the school year. Many never even open their assigned locker (if they can even tell you where it is located).

However, some eighth graders do utilize a locker so CMS will assign lockers to those students upon request.

Because lockers are issued per request, students are also able to select a preferred location for their locker. Choosing a locker located near classrooms or common travel routes provides maximum convenience to the student as he/she accesses the locker during the school day.

Students may submit a locker request at any time, before or after the first day of school. CMS advises waiting until a "normal" daily routine is established, giving the student a good idea of the optimal location for the locker.

Locker requests are available only for 8th grade students. All 6th and 7th graders have an assigned locker.

To request a locker, complete the following 4 items. Requests submitted before 8:00am will receive their locker number and combination during second period.

Visit Mrs. Parker in the Assistant Principal's office, D223, for any further assistance or questions.

CHOOSE WISELY!!! Only one locker request is permitted for the school year.

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