This form must be submitted ten (10) working days prior to trip.

*In the comments please list any students/riders needing assistive seating.

When scheduling a trip please know information at:

You should receive a confirmation from the Transportation Department.  This does not guarantee buses. Trips between regular routing (8:30 - 2:00) and after 4:30, can typically be covered. Trips outside that time frame can not be guaranteed.

*If you aren't a McCracken County Schools employee please place as your principal.

**if more than one bus is needed and they need DIFFERENT times of departure and arrival please fill out this form twice

**** If using multiple email addresses please separate with a comma and NO space. (1st email,2nd email)

(This does not guarantee your trip is filled. Once this form is filled out and shows on your calendar it ensures there wasn't a date/time error)
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Date of Departure *
Please use the format MM/DD/YYYY
Date of Return *
Please use the format MM/DD/YYYY   ***if you are returning after midnight remember it's next day!
School *
Group *
Destination *
Where are you going?
Destination Address
Arrival Time at School (HH:MM AM/PM) *
* Please remember to add 15 minutes prior departure for required bus evacuation.   **if more than one bus is needed and they need DIFFERENT times of departure and arrival please fill out the form twice
Return Time to School (HH:MM AM/PM) *
* Must enter a returned time even if a drop off only.
Number of Passengers *
Number of Buses Needed *
(48 passengers out of district up to 72 in-district) **If Special Needs bus is required, please specify if you need a wheelchair lift**
Contact First Name *
Contact Last Name *
Teacher-Contact School Email *
Please only list one contact.  After event is placed on your calendar then invite other teachers.
Teacher Contact Cell Phone *
Please place in 1234567890 format
Principal Email Address *
*Must be approved prior to submitting the form. If you are from outside our district please use (
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