(Questions and Instructions on second page.)

Bethany Memories Video

Dearest Bethany Community,

My name is Nelson Leung, and it’s my humble privilege to be serving as the current Chaplain for Morrison Academy Taipei, formerly and fondly known as Bethany. As you may know, this December, our school will be moving to a brand new building out in Linkou, New Taipei City. While we are all excited for the new facilities, increased learning space, and expansion into a full high school, this is also a time of bittersweet mourning as we leave our old “Bethany” building behind. In order to help the students, staff, and community cope with this transition, we wanted to take some time to “say goodbye” to our old building, and to honor all of the amazing things that God has done over the very many years that Bethany has been around.

With that said, our leadership team has decided to create an opportunity for current and former Bethany staff, students, and parents to participate in our process of transition. To share some testimonies and to honor all that God has accomplished for His kingdom and for our joy, we will be making a video compilation of some of your greatest memories here. This video will be shown during our very last All-School-Chapel on the morning of December 19th, in the gym.

To contribute to this momentous production, please carefully follow the instructions below. We will do our best to feature as many people in the video as possible, be it asking or answering a question. However, depending on volume, we may not be able to accommodate all of the video submissions that we have received. Nevertheless, please rest assured that your video responses will be kept safely in our Morrison Archives and can be used to bless coming generations as they look back on all that God has done.

I hope that you will prayerfully consider submitting a video response. We would also like to ask you to please help spread the word to any other alumni or former Bethany community members so that they too can participate.

It has been my joy to be a part of the team to help set up this wonderful opportunity to reflect on what God has done as we look forward in hope to the future.

In Christ, by His grace and for His glory,

Nelson Leung


  • Make a video of yourself answering the questions below.
  • The following information will be needed to name your video file.
  • Name 
  • Years at Bethany (if you are still a part of Bethany as staff, a student, or parent, please end with “current.”)
  • Status (Choose all that apply)  
  1. Current Student
  2. Current Staff
  3. Current Bethany Parent
  4. Alumni/Former Student
  5. Former Staff
  6. Former Bethany Parent

  • Please name your file using the following naming convention:
  • LastName_FirstName_Years-At-Bethany_Status.mp4 (use the numbers above)
  • Ex.: Leung_Nelson_2015-Current_2.mp4
  • Ex.: Dilley_Emma_2005-2019_4.mp4
  • It is very important that you use this specific naming convention, otherwise we will be unable to use your video.

  • Please answer all four questions, in the same video.
  • At the very beginning of the video, please give your name, years at Bethany, and “status.”
  • Read each question out loud before answering, and please do not exceed the allotted word/time requirements for each question.
  • The entire video should not exceed one minute.
  • The deadline for submitting videos is November 1st, 2019.


  1. In one word, what does Bethany mean to you?/How would your describe Bethany? (1 word)

  1. Which one word would you use to describe the community surrounding Bethany? (1 word)

  1. Describe your fondest memory of Bethany. (1-2 sentences)

  1. How did God use Bethany to change your life? (15-20 seconds of speaking)