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Welcome to MBC Serve. Discover what interests you from the list below of one-time and on-going service projects. Use the form at very bottom to sign-up for any of the following opportunities: Be a Social Media intern at Habitat for Humanity Use your writing and verbal skills as well as your knowledge of social media to update Habitat for Humanity's "ReStore" sites. Increase awareness and support by posting ReStore specials on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere. Be a marketing intern for an online course Help market an online course about Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease (www.GlutenGlut.com). Spend 2-3 hours per week managing a Twitter account, and other social media sites (e.g. Pinterest). This unpaid intenship requires excellent writing skills and grammar, experience with social media, and an engaging and entertaining writing style. Be an after school math tutor Offer one-on-one math tutoring with individual middle school children who have trouble being in a larger classroom. Create learning games to assist. Provide at least one hour per week Mon. Tue. Wed. or Thur. from 4:30-5:30pm. Be a Market Research intern with the Staunton Senior Center (SSC) Complete a market study of Staunton/western Augusta County and create a marketing plan for SSC with a focus on increasing older adult awareness of the Center. Do some data collection and program development too. Be a LEARN "Fundraising Committee Assistant" Help LEARN (Learn English and Reading Now) plan fundraising activities by researching current literacy/non-profit fundraising activities and their earning potential; develop best practices for fundraising; and interview potential participants. Be a volunteer board member and observer with The Arc of Augusta If you want to improve opportunities available to individuals with intellectual and/or a developmental disabilities consider this position where you will be responsible to clients by advocating for services and promoting community awareness. Listening skills, being organized, some experience with marketing or just the interest to learn will be helpful. Be a Girl Scout "Outreach Program Provider" Work at Riverheads Elementary (about a 15 minute drive) mentoring girl scouts 2-4 hours per week. Prep materials, use provided curriculum to deliver programs, administer surveys, and complete brief reports. Be a File Clerk with Natural Resource Conservation Service Work 1-2 hours per week filing documents following guidelines. On the BRCC Shuttle line in Verona. Be a tutor in Staunton City Schools There all kinds of ways you can help: Tutor individual students in homework, reading, or math; Work with small groups; Be a book reading buddy; Help in the office or library; Assist students with technology; Be a lunchtime buddy; Help with after school clubs; and make learning materials. Smith Center receptionist/greeter Volunteer downtown for 3-4 hour shifts in an art and history gallery. Greet and assist the public, orient them to the galleries and the missions of the organizations in the Center, and help them find their way in the building and downtown. From the desk, volunteers also assist the three non-profits in the building with tasks such as bulk mailings. When visitors are not present, volunteers can make use of the PC to read, and work on homework. Be friendly, impart information and provide a good vibe. Students will learn the impact of arts and culture on participants of art and culture offerings and they will learn about the economic impact art and culture has on the City. For additional opportunities listed on our partner site, The Greater Augusta Volunteer Center click here: http://unitedwayga.galaxydigital.com/volunteer/agency/needs/ (warning: this link will leave the MBC Serve site). .
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