Digital Nomad Interview
Thanks for offering to partake in an interview. These are to be shared on an upcoming website inspiring others to become digital nomads - to be launched officially in June 2017.

Below are some starter questions. Once I have received and read these, I will contact you again to ask some follow up questions based on your responses, and what I see on your websites/social media profiles.

Interviews with thorough answers that make for insightful reading will have paid promotion on social media.
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Your Websites/Social Media (for referencing/bio)
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Why did you choose to become a Digital Nomad?
You may want to talk about: What the the point in your life where you decide to become one? Were you sick of your job? Did you want the adventure? Was there a moment that inspired you to become a digital nomad? Did you family support you?
How long have you been travelling, and what countries have you been too?
You might tell us what your favourite country was? Or what ones make life easiest for digital nomads, and what ones are tough? Any you would like to go back too?
How do you manage to sustain your travelling lifestyle?
Include here details about what you do for a living. Our readers like details and tips. How did you get into a position to be a digital nomad? How did you prepare financially? Do you have any advice for people planning to become digital nomads?
What does a typical day in your life look like?
You can cover topics like how you find a place to work from (Wifi), how frequently you move locations, tasks to create your income (eg respond to customers emails, web development work)
Where are you heading to next?
Do you think you’ll ever settle down in one place? What are your plans once you get there?
Do you have any general travel advice?
How do you find your flights & accommodation? Any essential products/gadgets you keep in your backpack?
What is your advice for aspiring Digital Nomads? Why is this your advice?
What is the bit of advice you wish you knew before starting out?
Any last comments, stories, thoughts that you would like to share?
I'll work on weaving these into the page.
I agree that the upcoming website can use the above text. They may also use images from my social media profiles within the interview, and to promote the interview on other pages and within social media websites. *
We will always reference you as the owner of all digital media on the interview page and give credit where credit is due.
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