MCS Early Start Calendar Community Survey
What building do your children currently attend (check all that apply)? *
Which calendar option do you find most appealing? (each is 180 days of school for students). *
What are your biggest concerns with an early start calendar? *
How important is it to you that first semester is completed before the winter break (December)? *
The Michigan Senate Bill 0271 states that school districts may start school before Labor Day but prohibits schools from being in-session on any Monday or Friday in August. If this Bill passes through the House, would you be willing to start the school year three weeks early in order to complete the first semester by the winter (Christmas) break? *
What do you see are the positive benefits of an early start calendar? *
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What do you see as the challenges of an early start calendar? *
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How have you gained your understanding and knowledge about an early start calendar? *
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