Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest New Location Application Form
Thank you very much for being interested in organizing Math Kangaroo in your school, library, university, college, or education organization.

Please check the website for the date of the next edition of the contest in Canada. We always run on a Sunday in March.

Please be aware that your organization does not have to be a Math Kangaroo site for interested students to participate. There might be an existing centre near you. A list of all Math Kangaroo centres is available in the locations page of our Website. However, we are aware that these centres are not always in a reasonable driving distance for participants.

Please note that the Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest is for students in Canada only, it is in person competition. If you are from a different country, please check for more details regarding Math Kangaroo in your country.

The fees are collected only online at On-line training and on-campus training vary depending on length, location, and time frame. Students can view this under subscriptions.

Your application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors of the Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest and you will be contacted as soon as the result is available. Our email address is

Note: All information will be shared with the Board of Directors for them to make a decision. Please ensure all information is accurate and correct to the best of your ability. If information is incorrect, false, or misleading, this could lead to denial of operating as a centre.

Information Regarding the Potential New Location
This information helps us determine which type of centre status you are eligible for.
Please indicate what best describes your organization *
The CMKC does not open centres with individuals but organizations. Therefore, please confirm with you organization that they are supportive of your application to host the Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest. Please do not apply if you are located outside Canada.
What is your organization's financial status? *
If your organization is a school, can you accommodate students from other schools?
Is your location available on Sundays? Our contest is always held on a Sunday in March. *
First Name of Contact Person *
This should be a person who belongs to the organization and is willing to represent it in CMKC.
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This should be a person who belongs to the organization and is willing to represent it in CMKC.
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Informational Questions
Please indicate the group of students you intend to take part in this centre's location
This helps us determine the type of support you will need in the initial years.
Please select the number of students you would anticipate in the first year
We understand that this is difficult to predict but a rough estimation would be useful.
What initiated your organization to submit this application?
Examples: Parents interested in volunteering for their students, too far to travel to an existing centre (or cost to travel), students interested in partaking in the contest, other reasons (please explain).
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