Minds on Fire: Pre-conference Workshop on Moving to Mastery
Hosted by Robin Kanaan & Lori Phillips from KnowledgeWorks

Wednesday, July 27th
1pm - 4pm
Grand Summit Hotel - White Pine Room


If jeans are not one-size- fits-all, why should learning be? Our education system advances students based on the amount of seat time, and not on their mastery of critical content knowledge and skills.

We will explore what learners, educators, schools, districts and communities need to do to shift to a competency-based, personalized learning model. This is not a sit and git. Participants will collaborate with others attendees and will be given the tools to reimagine systemic, personalized and competency-based learning ecosystems.


Understand a personalized, student-centered approach to teaching and learning; how competency-based learning empowers an equitable system of education for all.

Explore a re-imagined system that redefines how personalized learning and proof of competency is determined and how learners, educators, and community stakeholders can scale tomorrow.

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