Alumni Interest Survey

Alumni of Marlboro College (Undergraduate and Graduate),

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. While we can't necessarily do everything listed here, your feedback will be helping to set priorities for your alumni relations office. Career connections? Staying in touch with faculty? Lifelong Learning opportunities? What's most important to you?

The entire Marlboro alumni community is receiving this survey to highlight opportunities for connections across programs and campuses. Given our small numbers, this blending of undergraduate and graduate programs should enhance alumni relations for everyone.

We want to know what is important to you. If you'd prefer, feel free to contact me directly about any thoughts you have regarding alumni relations.

Thank you,

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    Questions for Everyone

    Webcasts with faculty and alumni on current trends and topics of interest to you.
    Articles and book excerpts by faculty and alumni posted online.
    Events such as lectures, concerts and art exhibits on the undergraduate campus.
    Information on the Marlboro Graduate and Professional Studies programs.
    Attend a class field trip on topics of interest.
    Participate in a community service project with students, faculty and staff in the Marlboro/Brattleboro area.
    Participate in a faculty-led educational trip abroad.
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    Providing informational interviews or advice to students/alumni pursuing similar work.
    Providing internships to students/alumni.
    Possibly hiring students/alumni.
    Being a volunteer career mentor for a student.
    Connecting with others in your field (i.e. teaching, technology, art) for resource sharing, discussion of current trends, etc.
    Receiving career support and networking assistance from alumni.
    Connecting with alumni, students and faculty through an official Marlboro College Linkedin page for job postings, networking opportunities, etc.
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    Quarterly Alumni e-newsletter
    College/Alumni focused social media
    Marlboro College Linkedin site for career connections
    Marlboro College Bookstore on the website
    Website access to JSTOR and Marlboro College Library online
    Alumni Profiles online
    Community Buzz on the website, such as Town Meeting minutes, faculty news, events, etc.
    Potash Hill magazine (online and hard copy)
    Links on the website to items available  (i.e. pottery, furniture, jewelry, books, services) offered by alumni
    Links on the website to services, restaurants, businesses and products provided by alumni in your geographic area
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