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Manaiakalani Housing - Parent/Whanau
The great navigator Maui used the star-line Manaiakalani to bring his whanau from Hawai'iki Nui to find a better home in Aotearoa.
For some years now, Manaiakalani Education Trust has been helping people in G.I./Tamaki into better education.
Just like our ancestor Maui, Manaiakalani Housing Trust now wants to help people of G.I./Tamaki into better homes.
If you fill this survey out your identity will be kept confidential and the information will only be used to work with our Housing Trust and TRC, to get better housing opportunities for people in G.I./Tamaki
Please Enter Your Name *
Please select the School your child attends *
Please tell us how many people live in your house? (Including people living in a sleepout or a garage) *
Please tell us if all the people who live with you, can sleep inside the house *
Please tell us if everyone in your home has a suitable sleeping space in a bedroom. *
How many bedrooms does your family need? *
If you could, would you like to go on living in G.I./Tamaki? *
New houses are being built in our area. List some things you would like around the outside of your house *
Describe the way you would like the houses to be collected together to form a sense of neighbourhood
As our community is being rebuilt, list some things you would like to have in our community *
How much rent do you pay right now? *
Please give your amount in $ per week, e.g. $500 pw
How much could you pay in rent, to rent the house you want for an extended period of years? *
Please give your amount in $ per week, e.g. $500 pw
How long would you want to rent the same house for? *
Would you prefer to rent or to own your own home? *
How much could you pay as a mortgage to start owning your own home? *
Please give your amount in $ per week, e.g. $500 pw
Is there anything else you want to add/or ask?
Would you be happy to talk about this more with someone from Manaiakalani Housing? *
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