READi for Health: Calling ehealth SMEs who wish to access support for international markets
The READi for Health project is supporting the EU regions of Oulu, Skane and Murcia to develop and promote their eHealth innovations. As part of this support, the READi project will work with mature SMEs in these regions, who are involved in the broad areas of eHealth, mHealth, Connected Health etc and who would like support in showcasing their products and solutions to an international market.

Please register your interest by completing this questionnaire.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

• Oulu: Jarmo Paakkonen
• Skane: Henrik Cosmo
• Murcia: Myriam Martin

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Participation is restricted to SMEs with headquarters in the regions of Oulu, Skane and Murcia.
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