THE REALM OF THE TIGER: Application Questionnaire
This questionnaire is for individuals who are interested to participate in the Realm of the Tiger programme from 20 to 24 March 2020.

Please note that selection will be made by MYCAT based on an assessment of this questionnaire. Selected participants will be notified via e-mail to proceed with the registration within a week after the submission of the questionnaire.

Official name *
As stated in your passport.
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Sex *
This is for living arrangements.
Birth date *
E-mail address *
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Current job title and affiliation *
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Any experience in working with animals? *
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Nationality *
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T-shirt size *
Medical condition
Blood type *
Dietary requirement *
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Height (cm) and weight (kg) *
For example 160cm, 65kg
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Do you have any medical conditions which might affect your ability to complete, or require emergency treatment during the trip? *
Examples of medical conditions are asthma, diabetes, heart condition, hemophilia, etc.
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Do you have any allergies? *
Examples of allergies are bee sting, food allergy, medications like penicillin, etc.
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Do you have any relevant phobias? *
Examples of phobias are fear of snakes or spiders, etc.
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How would you describe the state of your mental health? *
How would you describe the state of your physical health? *
Compared to others of the same age and sex, how fit are you? *
Do you have permanent injuries/disabilities? *
If yes, do they affect you in any way when carrying out strenuous activities?
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Are you currently taking any medication? *
If yes, what medicine(s) are you taking and for what condition?
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Do you have medical and/or personal accident insurance? *
Experience in outdoor activities
This programme involves hikes of up to 10km/day through varied rainforest terrain in hot, humid or wet climates. How confident are you in completing this programme with little/no help? *
Do you have any experience in hiking/trekking/camping? *
If yes, please briefly describe the activities, the type of environment you hiked/camped in, and how frequently you have been on such trips in the past year.
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Are you trained in First Aid, including CPR? *
Do you own a hammock/tent? *
If you are selected to participate in this programme, do you plan to bring your personal hammock/tent for the overnight camping? We provide hammock and tarp for the overnight camping.
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Can you swim? *
Please share any comments/concerns that you may have with us regarding this programme. *
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How did you find out about this programme? *
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