So you want to join MakeSense?
Hi there :-)
There are 2 ways of joining MakeSense, by becoming a SenseMaker or a Gangster!

SenseMakers are happy volunteers helping social entrepreneurs around them by organizing Hold-Ups of ideas: two hours creativity workshops to find solutions to their problems.

STEP 1) Check out our agenda and join a Hold-Up in your city!
STEP 2) Choose a challenge of a social entrepreneur on; Click on “Get Involved” and later on “I’ll do it”! We will then connect you with local gangsters and one of our community developers to help you organize a Hold-Up yourself!
STEP 3) Tell a social entrepreneur you know to upload his/her challenge on and organize the Hold-Up!

Gangsters are SenseMakers spreading and building MakeSense in its country by supporting, training and connecting new people, building partnerships and improving MakeSense methodologies and experience!

STEP 1) Send a request to add 'Buddy MakeSense' on Facebook ( who'll welcome you in the Gang group
STEP 2) Fill out this from, we will use it to introduce you to the Gang!
STEP 3) Connect with other gangsters around the world and learn how to get more involved through trainings and help kits!

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