Pedal Car Races Application Form - Maker Faire Bay Area 2013

Please complete the application and we will follow up with you to get your vehicle registered. Here's some information, and THE RULES (version 1.1.1, updated 3/5/12 and subject to ongoing change) CART RESTRICTIONS: Four wheels. Single seater. Must have brakes! No larger than 50"wide x 70"long wheelbase. Your pedal car body can not be more than 4" wider and 20" longer than your wheelbase. You may not race a stock store bought vehicle. No sharp edges. Nothing designed to harm other racers or vehicles. The goal here is fun! RACING RULES: Race winner is the first one to complete the designated number of death defying figure 8 laps. Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. You must wear a helmet! And, have fun! RACING FORMAT: The primary race will be the Death Defying Figure 8 race. Depending on race day realities ie; available space and number of cars on site. We may have time trial drag races on the slalom course and straight track and/or an "everyone in" oval track rally. The goal - to have fun! ON RACE DAY: There will be a brake and steering test on race day. (You and your vehicle must arrive and register on Friday, 5/18) Your car must complete a short slalom course and be able to stop in the designated stopping zones. The Race Official will have the final say if the vehicle does not meet the safety requirements of the death defying challenge. OTHER INFO: There will be a race official. He/she will ave the final say. There will be a pit area provided for each vehicle. The goal here is Fun!
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