Dogtown Customer Survey
Please tell us about your experience using Dogtown's daycare and boarding services
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What Dogtown services do you use or have you used?
How often does your dog visit Dogtown?
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How would you rate the services you received?
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How well was your pet treated?
Loved like one of their own
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Cleanliness of the facility?
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Value for the money?
Amazing value
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Friendliness and courtesy of the staff?
Rude or offensive
Friendly and helpful
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Do you have any comments or concerns regarding the staff? Is there an employee that goes out of his/her way to serve your dog's need? Have you had any bad experiences?
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Have you encountered any problems at Dogtown?
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Did you speak with staff or management about the problem?
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If your problem is unresolved, please feel free to explain here and let us know if you would like to be contacted.
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Are there other services you wish Dogtown offered?
Do you have any other concerns or comments?
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