Women of the Maine Outdoors (WoMO) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote to inclusion of women in outdoor sports and recreation in Maine. WoMO programs will include fundraising to provide scholarships for women and girls to participate in classes, trainings, camps, or other educational programs that will increase their outdoor skills and engagement, promoting women and girl’s involvement in outdoor activities, and collaborating with other individuals or groups to provide education for women in outdoor sports and recreation.

1. In order to be considered for a scholarship, you must be registered for the class you are wishing to attend.
2. Any deposit required must be paid to the organization hosting the class prior to a scholarship being considered.
3. Individuals are eligible for up to two scholarships.
4. Scholarships are for Maine residents only.
5. Applications that include responses that are incomplete or insufficient will not be eligible for consideration
6. Scholarship payment will only be sent to the organization hosting the class. Payment will NOT be mailed to the person applying for the scholarship. Failure to include correct contact information will result in the application being considered incomplete.

7. Participants are required to submit a $25 non-refundable application fee for Guide School scholarship application. You can pay online or by check via mail.
8. You must register and pay the required deposit for the Guide course before a scholarship will be awarded.

DEADLINE TO APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS: WoMO has no official deadlines; however, applications are only reviewed at our monthly board meetings, which are currently held the second Wednesday of each month. It is advised that applicants complete their applications at least one month prior to their scheduled class date to ensure review prior to the class.

We do not reimburse or award scholarships for classes that have already started or that have been completed.

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