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The ITS Learning Research Studio exists to provide an opportunity for faculty to experiment with a technological and pedagogical environment designed to enhance learning, and for faculty and ITS to learn more about effective uses of innovative learning spaces.

You may submit requests at any time for special use of the room on a limited basis, or for a course to use for an entire semester. Limited requests will receive a reply within two business days.

Semester-usage requests will be granted on the basis of the following factors which warrant higher consideration:
- first-time faculty users of the room
- disciplines which are less represented in the usage of the room
- clear goals for taking advantage of the unique features of the room
- plans for assessing the effects on teaching and learning of using the room
- course whose enrollment capacity maximizes the seating capacity of the LRS requested.
- for returning users, a history of conducting research/evaluation activities in the space
- for returning users, a willingness and/or history of sharing research/evaluation results with others

LRS Reservation Request Timeline:

- LRS reservation requests for Fall and Spring will be accepted in November/December
- LRS decisions/instructor placements will be made for Fall by the end of January and for Spring by the end of March

The list of courses for which requests are granted will be shared with the classroom scheduling office so that any classrooms previously assigned to those courses may be freed for other uses.
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