JAFAX 18 Fan Panel Submission Form

Hello! Thank you for your interest in running a panel at JAFAX 18. Panel submissions must be in before Friday May 10th. Panels submitted after this time will not be considered. Rules: - The Panel Host is responsible for all activities related to the panel. Please arrive early if you need to setup equipment and allow for time to get assistance if you have any questions. - JAFAX Staff will not troubleshoot non-GVSU equipment. Panel Hosts are responsible for their own equipment. - Panel rooms are large, table equipped rooms in Padnos, or one of the Lecture Hall rooms for very large panels. All rooms come with with a Windows computer with web browser and Microsoft Office, digital projector, document camera, and VGA and headphone jack hookup for a laptop. Any equipment not provided in the rooms must be brought by the Panel Host. - Panels must be consistent with the focus of JAFAX; content has to be something related to Japan, Japanese culture, Anime, Japanese Video Games, Cosplay, etc... so no panels on Dr. Who, Star Trek, etc. - Panels must be open to everyone who wants to attend. - Panels will be reviewed by JAFAX staff. You will be notified by email if your panel has been accepted, rejected, or if we need more information. You will be notified no later than May 31 of the submission status.
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