Application for Goucher Builds

Goucher Builds is a year-long experience (2012-2013) culminating in a multifaith service-learning program in Baltimore City over spring break with a focus on housing issues. Prior to the intensive alternative spring break program, Goucher Builds participants are expected to participate in at least two Social Justice Leadership Circle meetings and two Goucher Builds meetings, and each participant must execute a follow-up project as a result of the alternative spring break experience. Goucher Hillel is committed to ensuring that finances not be an obstacle to any student's participation in Goucher Builds. The heavily subsidized program fee is $100 and will be due upon your acceptance into the program (end of October). Please contact or if you need scholarship funds for Goucher Builds. Each participant will be asked to fundraise for one or more of Goucher Builds' partner organizations (Habitat for Humanity, etc.). Applications will be accepted until 10:00 a.m. Friday, October 19, 2012. Applications will be reviewed by Goucher Hillel staff and Goucher College staff; sensitive application information will not be shared with students. Please fill out this application completely and accurately. Misrepresentation or deliberate omission of facts may be grounds for your removal from the program and your being charged the true cost of your participation in the program. The application cannot be saved before it's submitted, so please allow yourself ample time to complete it in one sitting. You may wish to compose and save your short-answer responses elsewhere and then paste them into the application. The health profile (page 2 of 2) will require your primary care physician's name, address, and phone number, so please have that information handy, as well as information for at least one emergency contact person. Please direct any related questions to or, or call the Hillel office at (410) 337-6545. As a member of Goucher Builds, you will help put the dream of home ownership within reach of the working poor by volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, you will learn about issues of housing and homelessness from key community leaders, you will explore the intersections of faith and social justice, and you will gain the skills to become an agent for change during your time at Goucher College and beyond. BUILD a home for a family in need. BUILD your knowledge and activism skills. BUILD relationships with people of diverse backgrounds and faiths. Join Goucher Builds.
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