Rise Broadband IP Justification Form

Dear Rise Broadband customer,

When requesting an IP block of 8 IP addresses or more, or, 3 or more individual IP addresses, Rise Broadband requires the following form to be completed. Completion of the form is needed to show justification internally as well as to our upstream service providers, and if so, requested by ARIN.

Please fill out the form completely. Once the form has been completed, click the submit option at the bottom of the page. The applicant understands, that by simply filling out this request and submitting the form, constitutes a full understanding and acceptance of the terms mentioned in this application, as well as Rise Broadband's terms of service, acceptable use policy, residential, business, and/or enterprise policies and agreements, located at http://www.RiseBroadband.com/legal/. In addition, the applicant understands that by submitting and filling out the form below, the applicant is authorized by the owner of the account to fill this form out on behalf of them, or the entity requesting an IP block of 8 IP addresses or more, or 3 individual IP addresses or more. The applicant's name and email address will serve as a digital signature for verification that the applicant is authorized to make this request.

    What are Rise Broadband policies regarding address space assignment?

    Rise Broadband has an obligation to ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers) to make sure that the address space that is under Rise Broadband's control is used as efficiently as possible. Customers requesting additional IP numbers must prove that they have allocated at least 80% of their assigned address space by completing the form below. Rise Broadband has the right to use normal network testing to verify the use of current IP space and IP space possibly assigned as a result of this request. These are non-invasive tests like ping, ARP lookups, bridging tables; to mention a few. Rise Broadband's policy is not to renumber customers out of assigned IP space unless absolutely necessary. There are some unforeseen circumstances that do come up that require us to have to go through that process. IP addresses are not owned, they are loaned to organizations and individuals. Rise Broadband reserves the right to renumber customers at its discretion without recourse as special circumstances arise. Rise Broadband will make every effort to give advance notice and coordinate if a renumbering scenario does arise. Rise Broadband 619 14th Street SW Loveland, CO, 80537 Ph.: (970) 372-2824 Toll-Free Ph.: (888) 759-2326 Fax: (970) 776-8788
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