Summer School COMP 2017-18
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Purpose and Work Streams 2017-18
Integrated Supports and Accelerated Learning: Summer School
ISAL Theory of Action: If ISAL integrates and coordinates tools, resources, technology, and culturally and linguistically responsive supports in partnership with other CO departments year round, then principals, teachers, and other school staff will be better able to reduce barriers to teaching and learning while simultaneously accelerating positive outcomes and healthy development so that all our students will graduate college, career, and community ready.

MMSD Summer School - a part of the Integrated Supports and Accelerated Learning Department - is a year-long strategy that works strategically and collaboratively with multiple areas of MMSD to 1) engage students in high-quality instruction, 2) provide critical additional learning time, 3) accelerate growth in key skills, and 4) build students' self-efficacy so that all students will graduate college, career, and community ready.
Department Manager
Briony MacPhee Lyon
Data Point Person
Briony MacPhee Lyon
Major Work Streams
System Level Support: Curriculum and Content Development-- Confirm student criteria and selection process with Research, Accountability and Data Use, Curriculum and Instruction, and Student Services;
-- Review and finalize curricular materials, assessments and report card items with Curriculum and Instruction;
-- Finalize assessment plan, report cards and evaluation plan with Research, Accountability and Data Use;
-- Collaborate with Professional Development and Leadership, C&I, Student Services and OMGE to develop and implement Professional Development for Summer School teachers;
Briony MacPhee Lyon
System Level Support: Operations and Logistics -- Confirm Summer School sites with Building Services;
-- Determine budget with Budget, Planning and Accounting, BOE approves;
-- Coordinate transportation with Transportation Services;
-- Finalize food plan with Food Services;
-- Coordinate with Human Resources to hire staff and select principals for sites;
-- Update and improve student enrollment process with Enrollment and Registration, Student Services, and Tech Services;
-- Collaborate with MSCR to share class rosters, schedules, field trip, food and transportation plan
Briony MacPhee Lyon
Effective Summer School Communication Strategy-- Establish clear communication plan with respect to SS timelines, criteria and objectives involving all key stakeholders
-- Coordinator provides ongoing communication related to Summer School via newsletters and website updates.
-- Develop communication plan and strategy for families
-- Provide SLT, BOE and other Senior Leadership teams with periodic updates on Summer School progress
Briony MacPhee Lyon
Ongoing Customer Service to Key Stakeholders-- Provide support to Principals and school-based staff on various aspects of Summer School implementation, including criteria, enrollment process, curriculum and materials, logistics, etc.
-- Empower students and families to understand the multifaceted Summer School process.
-- Engage the community to maximize partnerships and community resources to support more effective and robust Summer School options.
-- Work with outside entities to provide timely and accurate information, especially for Private and Parochial students, families and administrators.
Briony MacPhee Lyon
Strengthening Transitions-- Strengthen the supports offered during Summer School for 5th and 8th grade students experiencing the key transitions to 6th and 9th grade respectively.
-- Align with other District-wide initiatives on transitions and timelines.
-- Launch Middle School 101
-- Reconvene 8th grade Non-Promotion Workgroup and build upon lessons learned from 2017
-- Elicit feedback from teachers who implemented the academic and Freshman 101 portions of 8th grade Non-Promotion
Briony MacPhee Lyon