Macon County School System Parent Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. You will be asked to identify neither yourself nor your child by name. You will simply be asked to identify your child's school and grade level. If you have multiple children in our system, please complete the survey for each child. We apprecaite your input on the various topics presented below.
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    This is a required question
    My child is able to meet the academic expectations of his/her current grade level.
    My child is sufficiently challenged in his/her academic subjects.
    Teachers assign appropriate amounts of homework.
    Homework assigned is beneficial to my child's academic progress
    My child is acquiring the skills and knowledge he/she needs in order to be prepared for the next grade level.
    Homework folders, planners, and/or handbooks are an effective means of communicating vital school information between the school and our household.
    I feel our school and/or district is meeting my child's academic needs in the classroom.
    My child is learning appropriate technology skills for his/her grade level.
    I help my child with their homework on a regular basis.
    I feel comfortable contacting my child's teacher(s) concerning my child's academic progress.
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    My child feels accepted and comfortable at school.
    I feel my child's classroom and teacher provide an appropriate learning environment.
    I feel welcomed when I call or visit the school.
    The nursing program at my child's school is beneficial.
    I am happy with the school lunches, lunchroom facilities, and cafeteria staff.
    Instructional activities provide the opportunity for my child to work cooperatively with other students.
    Other resources (teacher assistants, tutoring, computer lab, library, etc.) at my child's school enhance his/her learning opportunities.
    School and class rules encourage social responsibility.
    The teacher provides appropriate discipline in the classroom.
    Discipline measures are both appropriate and fairly administered.
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    My child's school provides a safe, secure environment.
    My child's school and grounds are clean, attractive, and well maintained.
    I am comfortable with regards to my child's bus route and driver.
    Bullying, once identified, is handled satisfactorily.
    I feel my child is safe at school.
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    My child's teacher(s) keep me informed about my child's academic progress.
    Beyond-the-school-day meetings (Open House, Parent/Teacher Conferences, IEP Meetings, Freshman Orientation) are beneficial.
    My child's teacher is accessible to discuss concerns about my child.
    The administration of the school is open and available to me.
    I am adequately informed about upcoming school events.
    I use the school and/or district website to find out information.
    I attend many school functions, both during and after school.
    My child is involved in extra-curricular activities.
    I feel comfortable providing input in discussions concerning my child.
    Adequate information is available through different media (websites, newspapers, Friday folders, etc.).
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