Operator Training Part 1

Utilization Reporting

What is MachineMetrics?

MachineMetrics is a real-time manufacturing software platform that collects data from your CNC machines, analyzes that data, and then displays individual machine performance on tablets attached to the machine and shop-wide performance on large displays.

Our machine monitoring software helps manufacturers make faster, better-informed decisions based on real-time data.

Operators play an important part in MachineMetrics and this training will provide you an overview of the product and your role in utilization reporting.

How MachineMetrics Works

Operator Utilization Workcenter View

1. Program Name

2. Workcenter Name

3. Workcenter Status

4. Utilization Information

5. Part Information

6. Downtime

7. Cycle Time Info

8. Utilization Ring

Here is a list of the key parts of the Operator Utilization View and what they mean in MachineMetrics:

Color-Coding & What It Means

Green Staus Bar = Machine Is Active

Blue Status Bar = Machine Is Idle

Red Status Bar = Machine In Fault

Gray Status Bar =

Machine Not Reporting

Green Ring =

Meeting Utilization Goal

Orange Ring =

Behind Plan to Meet Utilization Goal

Red Ring =

Not Meeting Utilization Goal

Initiating Downtime Categorization

Click on either place to start categorizing downtime

Selecting Downtime Events to Categorize

Click here to categorize downtime from the current shift

Click here to categorize downtime from the previous shift

Click here to select more than one downtime event to categorize

Click here to filter your downtime events

Select the Right Downtime Category

The downtime categories available to you are customized to your workplace. You will also see this screen appear when a significant period of downtime has occurred - when this happens you will need to select a downtime category before you can continue.

Add Detail To Your Downtime Categorization As Needed

Type in any additional information about the downtime here

Don’t Forget To Save!

Resources & Support

The best resource for your day to day questions are the MachineMetrics administrators on your team. Please inquire to find out who your internal contact person is.

You can also access our Knowledge Base which contains lots of helpful information at support.machinemetrics.com.

MachineMetrics Operator Training Part 1 - Google Slides