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Thank you for your interest in becoming an Ambassador. Below are a few questions to help us get to know you!
How does this work?
The ambassador program is designed to support and reward your efforts to share our products and mission in whatever way works best for you. You may wish to run workshops, attend fairs, farmers markets, and conferences - or simply share Lunapads with others through one-on-one conversation. If you have an existing online or service oriented business, the Ambassador program can be easily incorporated.

To start earning rewards on purchases made through you, you will be asked to purchase from a selection of low-cost ambassador kits starting at $25 to use for demonstration purposes. There are no minimum sales quotas and no need to hold inventory, unless you choose to. You will earn credit (ie: commission or gift certificates) for everyone who purchases products through you.

What are the other options?
If you're not interested in purchasing an Ambassador Kit but still want to spread the love, email us at to become a Lunapads Champion and we'll send you leaflets and coupons to share with your friends.
Are you interested in earning 10% commission or receiving 20% back in Lunapads gift certificates?
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