Lumberton Support Staff Member of the Year Nomination Form
Do you know a custodian, classroom aide, school secretary, BOE office secretary, EDC employee or other support staff member who is dedicated, inspiring, and making a difference? If so, please take the time to recommend this person by completing this nomination form and submitting it by Monday, December 3. Administrators, school and district staff members, parents and community members are encouraged to participate.

Please submit this form by MONDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2018

Each candidate will be scored based on the criteria below:
• Demonstrates self-motivation, takes initiative, and leads by example;
• Respects the needs of others and uses caring words with staff, students and the public;
• Remains constant in his or her commitment to honesty, excellence and high moral standards;
• Strives for job excellence and professionalism, and maintains a positive attitude; and
• Demonstrates an attitude of cooperation with co-workers and assists them when help is needed.

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Please explain why you feel the support staff member deserves recognition, citing specific examples. Some things to consider: the support staff member's methods for meeting the needs of the school or district community, dedication to his/her profession, and rapport with students, parents and staff. The more compelling the response, the better. Therefore, please use as much space as needed below as the form will expand when you type on it. *
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