BLUE-tify 2013 - 3rd Annual Homecoming Campus Decorating Competition

3rd Annual Campus Decorating Competition Show your Blue Devil pride and help spread school spirit by participating in the decorating competition for Homecoming 2013! This year’s competition – WINDOW PAINTING!! CONTEST RULES • The contest will be based solely on window painting. • All students, alumni, faculty, staff and administrators may participate, except for members of the BLUE-tify committee and those serving as judges for the competition. • Participants must sign up in teams. Teams may be comprised of any combination of students, faculty, staff and administrators. • Each team should indicate their preferred area to decorate, choosing from the list of “Decoration Locations.” The BLUE-tify committee will assign each team an area of the campus to decorate, taking the teams’ preferences into account. • Each team will be provided with a small “BLUE-tify Kit,” as described below. Teams may obtain additional paint and/or supplies at their own expense. Only tempera paint may be used; a small amount of dish soap should be added to ease removal. Teams may use other paint colors. The BLUE-tify committee will not assist in obtaining additional supplies. • Teams can pick up their BLUE-tify Kit on Sunday 10/6/13 at 1:00 PM in the North Housing 1st Floor Lounge. Teams that are not able to pick up their kit on Sunday may pick it up on Monday 10/7/13 from 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM in the Office of the Dean of Students. • The official decorating period begins on Sunday 10/6/14 at 1:00 PM. Teams can plan their designs in advance of the competition, but no window painting can be done before that time. Teams who begin painting their designated area early may be penalized or disqualified. • Judging will take place on Thursday, 10/8/13 at 12:00 pm. The winner will be announced at the Midnight Madness event on Friday 10/11/13. Midnight Madness begins at 7:00pm, and the winner will be announced at some point during the event. • Teams cannot paint windows located in the doors of individual offices. For example, if a team is assigned to the Engineering Fireplace Lounge, they can paint the hallway windows and any exterior doors, but cannot paint the windows/doors of the Engineering Dean’s office or conference room. • Additional decorations (balloons, streamers, posters, etc.) in or near the teams’ designated areas are encouraged and appreciated, but will not be taken into judging consideration. Only the window painting will be included in the judging. • If teams decide to add decorations, the decorations may consist of and be secured with any material as long as it can be easily removed and does not damage the building or fixtures. • All fire regulations must be adhered to, i.e. teams may paint any windows in their area, but they must be able to remain in use. Teams may not cover exit signs or lights. • Teams may include the name and/or logo of their group or organization (i.e., Greek organizations may include their letters), but it must be incorporated into the overall design. Teams may NOT include the names and/or logos of other LTU groups or organizations in their designs. • The name/logo/colors/mascot of our soccer teams’ opponent for Homecoming Saturday may be included, but must be used in a spirit of friendly competition and good sportsmanship. • The use of offensive language, gestures, etc. will result in disqualification, and your design may be removed. • No vandalizing other teams’ windows/displays; any team to do so will be disqualified. DECORATING KITS Each team will be given a BLUE-tify Window Painting kit. Each kit will have painting sponges, and window paint in blue, white, and black (8 oz of each color), plus directions for diluting the paint with water and soap for easy removal. Kits do not include cups to hold the paint. Teams are NOT required to purchase additional supplies but may do so at their own cost. Only tempera paint may be used. Teams may use other colors. JUDGING CRITERIA Judging will take place on Friday, 10/11/13 at 12:00 pm. The winner will be announced at the Midnight Madness event on Friday 10/11/13. Midnight Madness begins at 7:00pm, and the winner will be announced at some point during the event. Judging will be based on the following criteria: creativity of design, representation of school spirit, and overall quality. Due to the differences in size and number of windows among the various areas to be painted, the size of the design will not be considered, although judges may consider how well the team used their assigned space as part of the “creativity” and “overall quality” scores. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE A COPY OF THESE RULES, EMAIL
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