Michigan Administrative Relief Event Submission Form
In an effort to support Michigan's immigrant rights the Michigan Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights is collecting information about events relevant to the Executive Actions President Obama announced on November 20, 2014. This will allow us to identify local and statewide efforts, enhance communication among organizations across the state, and most importantly, increase the chances that more of Michigan's immigrant population will receive quality support in the coming weeks.

The information collected will be shared in two ways: 1) it will be available in a calendar at http://www.mcirr.org/events.html and 2) individuals who sign up with us to receive free notifications via www.tinyurl.com/mirelief will receive local information via text or email as it becomes available.

If you wish to share your event, please fill out this form. Thank you!
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To submit a flier please email Jonathan Romero at jromero@michiganimmigrant.org
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