Have you experienced online violence?                                      
Survey by People Against Cyber Threats/Harassment (PeopleACT)

We are an independent coalition of civil society organisations running a campaign on anti-cyber harassment and other harmful cyber behavior in Malaysia. This survey aims to collect data on how online harassment /violence affects Malaysians. This data will be presented to the relevant authorities with the aim of developing a legal framework or action plan, providing better safeguards for the rights of internet users.

If you have already participated in this survey by PeopleACT, please do not respond. However, do forward it to someone else who have not. Thank you.

Your personal data will remain confidential.
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1. I am Malaysian. *
2. What is your gender? *
3. I am ______ years old. *
4. Where are you staying? (Please give the town, city and state only; e.g. Kajang, Selangor.) *
5. What online, digital communication platform or device do you use the most on a daily basis? *
6. Roughly how many hours per day do you spend on the Internet? Please DO NOT include time spent on email or performing tasks. *
7. Which of the following would you consider as online violence? *
8. Have you ever experienced the following? *
9. Have you ever felt fearful, threatened or uneasy because of comments or responses you have received on the internet or digital device? *
10. Will you allow us to document your experience with online harassment or violence? *
If you answered "yes" to question 10, how can we contact you?
11. How would an ideal cyberspace look like to you? Please be specific; for eg. the internet is free - I don't have to pay for it/ I can talk about religion openly without being shut down by religious authority. *
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