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To augment our daily food rescue and distribution, Lovin' Spoonfuls provides educational programming to both nonprofit and for-profit companies. If you are interested in Lovin' Spoonfuls bringing a workshop to your organization, please fill out this form. Our workshops are designed to meet the needs of the audience--whether it be a workshop on how to cook healthy meals without access to a stove, how to deal with unfamiliar winter root vegetables, or how to meal plan more effectively, our staff Education Coordinator will curate content and demo recipes. Every guest at a workshop receives copies of the recipes that were demonstrated and samples of the dishes. Typically, access to power and water are preferred for workshops. Ideally all workshops are requested 4-6 weeks in advance of the desired event date.
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Does your organization have a budget to support this workshop? The standard rate per person for a workshop is $50 for for-profit agencies and $20 for non-profits outside our network, although all requests will be considered. Non-profits in our network are eligible for complimentary workshops.
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