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We usually only deliver tuition to pupils of Year 3 age and above. Please contact the LMT office if you have any questions.
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Our shared lessons meet the needs of most primary-age pupils, but you do have the opportunity to specifically choose individual tuition should you wish to. Individual 30 minute lessons are more suited to pupils working towards GCSE, BTEC or A-level qualifications. Owing to demand, it may not always be possible to provide shared tuition on your preferred instrument. We will contact you if this is the case.
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Instrument hire costs £2.50 per month for the first twelve months and £5 per month thereafter.
Remission of fees
The Love Music Trust operates a remissions policy for families meeting pre-defined criteria. Please select the relevant option below, or go to the next question if this is not applicable. We will contact you to discuss the support available and request supporting documentation as appropriate.
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In order to go ahead we need you to agree to this simple contract
The Love Music Trust (LMT) will use its best endeavours to provide a suitable instrumental tutor for your child to receive lessons on an instrument of their choice, taught in a small group, during the coming academic year. A full year’s course will consist of 34 weekly lessons. To ease administration LMT will liaise with schools to arrange a time for lessons to be delivered and will administer payments from parents and guardians.

The outline terms of the agreement are as follows:

Cost and payment. LMT use an online automated payments system, and will require you to authorise eleven equal monthly recurring payments of £13.95. The payments will start in September and run through until July of the following year. Where tuition starts later in the academic year, the number of instalments as well as the number of lessons provided will be reduced accordingly. Instruments can also be hired at a discounted monthly cost of £2.50 for the first twelve months, rising to the standard rate of £5.00 thereafter.

Group size. Group size depends upon how many children wish to take lessons on a particular instrument but are normally one tutor to two or three children. The degree of individual attention remains constant in that a group of two children have a session of 20 minutes whereas a group of three children have a 30 minute lesson. In the event that the only option would be a "one to one" session (because no other children at the school want lessons on a particular instrument) then the Trust will contact you to discuss options. The minimum viable lesson length is 20 minutes and the Trust would therefore need to charge you an individual lesson rate if you decided to proceed.

Commitment. This agreement is for one year of lessons. However, we recognise that circumstances can change and it may be necessary for you to terminate the arrangement. In such circumstances you will need to give half a term’s notice to cancel (i.e. notification to be received by the first day of the school holidays for cancellation to take effect from the beginning of the next half term). Notification must be in writing to Love Music Trust, 2A Bradwall Court, Bradwall Road, Sandbach, CW11 1GE or email and must include your child’s full name, school and instrument they are receiving tuition on. In the event of shorter notice cancellation then payment will be due in lieu of notice. At the conclusion of the notice period your payment will be cancelled . Please do not cancel your payment unless instructed to do so; we will often reduce the last payment to account for any lesson credits owed.

Sessions missed by child. You must give LMT at least four weeks’ notice of any school events, outings or other commitments that would result in your child not being able to attend their lesson. Given that notice the tutor will rearrange the session if at all possible or if it is impossible to reschedule the session within that academic year then you will be credited back with the lesson cost (1⁄34 of the total annual fee) at the end of the academic year. Regrettably, lessons cancelled with less than four weeks’ notice cannot be credited or rearranged.

Sessions missed by tutor. Where a lesson cannot be attended by the tutor all efforts will be made by the tutor to ensure 7 days’ notice and for the lesson to be rearranged. Where a lesson cannot be rearranged within that academic year then the value of the lesson will be refunded at the end of the academic year.

Care of instrument. Instruments are expensive, easily damaged and much in demand across the region so please help your child to look after their instrument carefully. If you hire an instrument from LMT then you are responsible for it and will need to pay for any damage or loss and of course return it to LMT at the end of the hire period (please see separate terms on your instrumental loan agreement).

I agree to the above contract
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