Hart Elementary Staff Favorites 2017-2018 (Responses)
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TimestampFirst and Last NameGrade Level/AreaGrade Level/AssignmentWhat are your hobbies?What are your favorite drinks?What is your favorite snack/candy?What are your top 4 restaurants?Do you collect anything?What are your top 3 lunch preferences?What stores do you shop at the most?What are your favorite desserts?What are your favorite scents?What are your favorite types of gifts?What is your favorite color?Can you share something about you/your family that would assist with gift purchasing?Do you have any allergies that the room parent/parents need to know?
8/15/2017 11:40:56Cindy Balmer1st GradeFirst Gradereading, traveling, practicing yogaUnsweetened Ice tea, Lemon Waterpopcorn, anything chocolate..peanut butter M&MsBonefish, Mi Cocina, Thai Thumbz, Fish City Grillgreat candlesChicken Salad, wraps, salads, turkeyNordstroms, Target, Marshalls, Home Goodscookieslavender, vanilla, volcanoanything made by my students, gift cardsblueWe love spending time together watching movies and eating out especially on a great patio.no
8/15/2017 23:07:21Sara Lindsey1st Grade1st gradeTraveling, cooking, photography, readingStarbucks- cinnamon dulce latte, sweet teaGummy bears...I'm not a fan of chocolate (I know I'm strange) :) Grimaldi's, Twisted Root, Sugar Bacon, Mi CocinaCrosses for my cross wallChik-fil-a, Cane's, Panera BreadAmazon, Target, Home GoodsBanana pudding, snickerdoodlesFall/winter scents- cinnamon, apple pie, etcI'll love anything. :)Dark blueI can't think of anything that would be beneficial. Sorry!None
8/15/2017 11:39:52Hilary Morris1st GradeFirst GradeReading and being activewater and soy latte from Starbuckschocolate, especially darkCheesecake Factory, La Madeleine, Pane Vino, Rockfishnope, minimalist by natureMexican, Italian, ZoesAmazon, Kroger, Hobby LobbyBrowniesPumpkin, anything Fall or Christmas relatedKid inspired, simple, non-stressful for parentsturquoiseWe eat A LOT of Chick-Fil-Anone
8/16/2017 7:06:38Sarah Moody1st Grade1stShopping, watching my boys play baseballWater, crystal light with caffeine Trail mix, almondsPluckers, pei wei, pie five, anything mexicanNoKelly's burgers, chick fil aHobby lobby, alterd state, amazonIce creamPeppermint, lavender, eucalyptus Notes from your child, lunch, gift cardsReds, pink, browns, black, leopard 😉We love to be outdoors (bike riding, fishing, etc) and we love anything to do with sports.No
8/16/2017 11:11:10Caitlin Gill 2nd Grade2Cooking, going to the movies, and reading. Starbucks vanilla latte, Sonic strawberry limeade. Milk chocolate, almonds, gummy lifesavers. Chipotle, Village Burger Bar, Saltgrass, Cane Rosso Coffee mugs, candles Zoe's turkey stack, Chipotle chicken quesadilla, Raising Cane's Target, LOFT, Banana Republic, Hobby Lobby. Chocolate, strawberry cheesecake. Vanilla, peppermint, fruit. Gift cards, and practical gifts. TurqoiseOne of my favorite things is going on date night with my husband. No
8/16/2017 10:33:23Amy Scott2nd Grade2ndreading, shopping, going to movies, attending my kids activitiesSONIC unsweet tea, waterPeanut Butter M&M's, Twix, Kit Kat, anything chocolate!!FIreHouse Subs, Uncle Julios, On the Border, DIckie's BBQSock MonkeysFireHouse Subs, LaMadeline, Cane'sTeacher's Tools, TJMaxx/Homegoods, JcPenny, WalMart, Kendra Scottanything chocolate: cake, cookies, candyfruity scents--I do not like Vanillagift cards, movie tickets, food, anything reallyPink and Navy BlueI like to do things that my family can do together (movies, bowling, etc), I would love a gift card from "Teachers Pay Teachers" websiteNone
8/16/2017 16:39:32Jenna Jeffries2nd Grade2ndCrafting and spending time with familyI do not drink caffeine, so water and lemonade. York Peppermint Patties & Trail mixesOn the Border, Uncle Julio's, Durkin's Pizza, Thai Pan Farmhouse/rustic decorChick-fil-A, Chipotle, Jason's DeliHobby Lobby, Sephora, Amazon, Target, Nebraska Furniture MartStrawberry or vanilla cupcakesVanilla and cinnamonInspirational signs, homemade itemsBlueMy family enjoys going to/watching Texas A&M sports, going to the movies, Top Golf, or just eating out together.None
8/15/2017 14:44:37Kate Duncan2nd Grade2ndCrafting, Photography, Exercising Iced Latte with nonfat milk, Sonic water with strawberry and lemon, La Croix WaterBrookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate/Clusters Pie 5, Chipotle, Chick Fil A, Torchy'sNot currently!Chick Fil A, Chipotle, Pie 5Target, Marshalls/TJ Maxx, Hobby LobbyCookies/brownies with extra chocolate chipsCapri Blue VolcanoPractical and useful gifts!Turquoise/TealWe just got married in April! :)Nope!
8/16/2017 10:47:03Jessica Laurence2nd Grade2decorating water and coffeeguacamoleSchlotzsky's, Chipotle, Torchy's, Elke'sowlsElke's nutty creation, Chipotle salad, Schlotzsky's turkey cobb saladTJ Maxx, Altard State, Francesca's Hobby Lobbydark chocolate, I don't eat sugarsandalwood, vanillapractical, usefulDepends - for my home I like rustic/farmhouse and robin's egg blueSingle mom on a tight budget, older teen/college kidsNope :-)
8/15/2017 16:27:40Nicole Mills3rd Grade3rd grade teacherOutdoor (love the lake and boating!), reading, moviesCoffee, Sonic diet cherry limeade, flavored waterHeath Bar, Chocolates (Lindt), trail mixGloria’s, Rick’s Chophouse, Pluckers, Wild SalsaNoChick Fil A, Jason’s Deli, Subway/Jimmy JohnsNordstrom, TJ Maxx/Home Goods, Target, WalmartSnickerdoodle cookies, brownies, cheesecakelavender, peppermintCards and surprises are equally loved!Coastal colorsWe spend a lot of time at the lake year-round and love doing outdoor activities. No allergies
8/15/2017 14:11:19Erin Goff3rd Grade3rd grade teacherreading, watching movies, attending sporting events, shoppingDr. PepperTwizzlers, pretzels, Peanut M&MsMi Cocina, Chili's, Zoe's Kitchen, and Blue FishNoChick-fil-a, El Pollo Loco, and Jason's DeliAltered State, White House Black Market, DillardsNothing Bundt Cakevanillagift cardsblue, purple, greyWe love to go see movies.No
8/24/2017 14:18:24Alison Healey3rd GradeThirdReading and anything outdoorsCoffeeAlmondsPF Changs, Grimaldis, Cheesecake Factory, Salt GrassNoPanera, Zoe's, anything healthyBanana Republic, Loft, TargetDark ChocolateClean smellsGift cardsPurpleWe love going to the movies, bowling, anything funNone
8/19/2017 9:55:02Alexis Glesmann3rd Grade3rd GradeWorking out: running and hikingChai Tea Latte, White Chocolate MochaMonster Trail Mix, Banana ChipsOn the Border, Twisted Root Burger, Which Wich, Papa John's PizzaN/APanda Express, Subway, Chick-fil-ATarget, Hobby Lobby, AmazonFrozen YogurtNature scentsHandwritten cardsBlueI love the Nebraska Cornhuskers!No
9/11/2017 15:51:44Melanie DeBord3rd Grade3rd Grade TeacherGoing with family/friends to the movie theater.
Coke Life (any soda with real sugar)
Any fruit
Chuy's, MooYah!, What-A-Burger, Carrabbas
Salads, soup, baked potato
Target, Walmart, Khol's
Anything chocolate
fresh scents-clean linen, cotton, vanilla/cinnamon
Flair penspurple
I have two children, a boy who is 12 & a girl who is 9.
No allergies
8/15/2017 15:39:21Molly Baker4th Grade4th ELARCrafting, anything outdoors, decorating, soccertea, water with lemon and strawberrycheese its, peppermints, chips and salsaMi Cocina, La Hacienda Ranch, Grimaldi's, BJ'sno... not really. Chick-fil-A, Elkas, SonicTarget and Hobby LobbyIce cream peppermint, lavendar flowers, gift cards, sweet notesKelly greenWe are always redecorating or redoing our house, inside and out. We love our big Golden Retriever Dog, Gunner and we are huge soccer fans, Arsenal is our team! nope! :)
8/15/2017 15:52:57Lauren McDaniel4th Grade4/ScienceMovies and VolleyballDr. Pepper and StarbucksKit Kat and Haribo GummiesTorchy's, Chick-fil-a, Fuzzy's, PF ChangsCare BearsChick-fil-a, Which Which, Elke'sTarget, Walmart, Old NavyBrownies and sugar cookies Not big on scentsGift CardsGREEN! One of my favorite things to do on my time off is go to dinner and a movie! Can't eat shellfish
8/17/2017 13:03:33Amy Smith4th Grade4th ELARShopping, Crafting, and ReadingSweet Tea and Dr. PepperWhite Chocolate, sweet tartsGlorias, Cafe Del Rio, Chick Fil AnoChick Fil A Target and AmazonChocolate Chip Macadamia Cookies and CheesecakeLavenderGift Cards, Flowers, Pens/PaperPinkI am married to a coach so we watch a lot of football, and I have two girls, 1 and 5none
8/15/2017 17:12:57Tori Dodd4th Grade4th Mathwalking, eating out, hanging out being socialDr. Pepper and Sweet teaany chocolate, cheese itsDon't know any place around here local but chins: BJ's, Tx Roadhouse, CheadersCoke Items for kitchenCchick-fil-a, sandwichesTarget, Mardel, TJ MaxCake, Cookies, any!Clean, fresh scentsjust small appreciationsGreenWe are simple, love to be outdoors, and just spend time together. We just moved here and just decorating our house!No
8/15/2017 13:46:03Laura Alotaibi4th Grade4th Grade MathPhotography, Hiking, Reading Magazines1/2 Sweet TeaFruitsGrimaldi's, Mia Nono, Shiwase, Macaroni GrillNo Salads with vinagrette, pizza, hamburgerTarget, Amazon, Black House White Market, Banana Republic, LoftBrownies, Chocolate Chip cookiesany essential oils Not surePurple or blueI spend most of my time with my 6 year old triplets.No nuts please ;)
Brent HendricksCustodianFarmingUnsweet iced teaChili's, Texas Roadhouse, Wendy's, Braums (shakes)SandwichesCabellas, AcademyCoconut Cream Pie
Kim DinhCustodianPlanting flowersSmoothieNoneNoneNo
8/15/2017 11:23:54Shelley CanoGT - K-2K-2 Gifted/TalentedReading, traveling, movies, family-timeunsweet black or green teachips/salsa, hummus/vegies, nutsAnything exican or Italian or Pizza (Zoey's, Petra's, Napoli's, Cane Russo, etc.)No! :0)Salads, soups, sandwichesAnything at Water's Crossing, McKinney Square, TJ Maxx, Fairview Mall, North Park Mallhome-made rice krispy treats, white chocolate, fudgesomething very mildmovie or restaurant gift cardsFall colors and spring colorsWe do love our family time! Eating out, seeing movies, etc.No
8/15/2017 12:02:15Kandice RamosGT 3/4 IS GT IS 3rd/4th Gradereading, working out, spending time with my familywater, sweet tea, coketrail mix, peanut butter and chocolate candyMi Cocina, Palios, Chipotle, Chick-Fil-ANoParadise, Chick-Fil-A, Zoe'sTarget, GAP, J Crewchocolate chip coookiesanygift cards, handwritten notesgreenWe like to eat dinner out together and go to the movies!No
8/18/2017 10:18:20Danielle NelsonGT 3/4 Math GT Math 3rd & 4thBible Journaling/Reading/Scrapbooking/CraftsPepsi Max/Coke ZeroPopcorn/Pistachios/Kit KatRoadhouse/Outback/Ocean Prime/Any Steak PlaceCrosses/Church BirdhousesZoe's/Pei Wei/Chick Fil A/SonicTarget/Old Navy/Macy's/Nordstrom/ AmazonChocolate Cake/Chocolate Chip cookies Nothing bundt cakeVanilla/Japanese Cherry Blossom/Amazing Grace/Not Picky on ScentsPampering experiences/Smiles/Kind WordsI love all colors really! I have a large family. (9 in household including me) We love and appreciate every blessing and gift.No allergies.
8/15/2017 17:00:42Jessica AckermanGT 4th ISGT 4th ISsewing/crafting, shoppingDiet Dr. Pepper, waterPeanut m&msCalifornia Pizza Kitchen, Cheesecake Factory, Mi Cocina NoPizza, chick fil a, subwayTarget, Hobby Lobby FruityGift cards, personalizedPinkMarried with two boys-ages 4 and 2no
8/15/2017 17:03:53Sandra DennisGT 4th Math4--GT MathReading and GardeningFlavored water, cafe lattesPeanut M&M'sBrio, PFChangs, Uncle Julios, Blue FishNoSubway, Zoe's, Pei WeiAmazon, DillardsBrownies, any baked goods!VanillaGift cards, personalizedTeal3-person familyNo
Tomasa (Tommy) MolinaKinderTeacherreading, walking, word search puzzlesDr. Pepper, Unsweet Tea, Green TeaChocolate w/ nuts, banana bread, fruitOlive Garden, Chilis, Cotton Patch, Texas Land and Cattle AngelsFajita salad, turkey sandwiches, wrapsKohls, Walmart, TargetFruit, Pumpkin Bread, Bread PuddingCoconutBlueMy husband and I like to read, and go to the movies. We like to go on walks, swimming, sometimes we just like to stay home and relax and watch movies or just talk. We like to look at things for our grandchildren who live in New York. We play with the dog and take her on walks. She likes to go for rides.
8/15/2017 11:23:28Marie CloudKinderKinderCrafting, ShoppingRaspberry Lemonade, SpriteM&M peanuts, ChocolateFuzzy's, On The Border, Cheesecake Factory, Mi CocinaHarry Potter itemsJimmy John's, Zoe's Kitchen, PaneraTarget, AmazonAllAutumn and Leaves from Bath and Bodyworks However, I love most of the candles from there Items for my house or ClassroomPink, I also like TealIt's just me and my husband.No
8/15/2017 17:02:19Ariel WommackKinderKindergarten teachercamping, hiking, reading, being outside.lemonade, sweet tea, vanilla latte, hot teas. oreos, junior mints, popcorn, reese piecesHutchins, Sicily's, Chick Fil A, PiadaCandlesChick Fil A, Sonic, Panera TargetALL! Brownies, chocolate chip cookies.rose, clean and light, festiveuseable, thoughtfulPurpleYoung couple with a cat (Tux) that enjoys socializing and being outdoors. n/a
8/15/2017 19:10:42Brittany BrightKinderKindergarten crochet, readingSweet Tea, water with lemon (phasing out sodas!)Kit Kat, popcorn, Sweet-tarts (No peanuts please!)1. Chick Fil-a 2. La Finca 3. Chili's 4. ApplebeesNativity sets; Willow tree dolls1. Chick Fil-A 2. Olive Garden Zuppa Toscata Soup 3. La FincaTarget, Walmart sugar cookies :) plain cheesecake :) Clean scents (No florals); peppermint, lemon, limeWays/Things that help to spend time with my family, gift cardsOrange :) I have a 10 year old son; I enjoy spending time with my family Yes- No peanuts or melons please :) Thank you!
8/16/2017 6:37:55Bryce KennaughOffice - CounselorSchool Counselorread on my kindle, run, walk my dog, Howardcoffee, tea (green tea, peach, passion), waterkind bars, cheez-its, crackersMi Cocina, Chuy's, Girmaldi's, Kelly'selephantsElke's, Panera, Zoe'sTarget, Gap, Loft, Whole Foods Ferrero Rocherlinen/cotton, autumn, leaves (bath and body works)Hand written notes and/or drawing from kids are the best! :)Blue .I am a vegetarian.
8/16/2017 19:31:01Suzanne HartOffice - LibraryLibrarianReading. Walking. Cooking. Art. Coffe. Water. Popcorn. Fruit. Nuts Thai Thumz. Hedarys Mediterranean. Cadillac Pizza Pub . Square Burger Hearts. Of course. Love those found in nature anyChipotle. Zoe's. ElkesTarget. Home Goods. Macy's. Chocolate chip cookies Essential oils. Lavender. Peppermint. :)Purple. Green. Blue. : )Vegetarian
9/11/2017 14:38:50Michele FoxOffice - Library LTALibraryGardening, reading, dogsDiet PepsiPeanut Butter M&M'sOlive Garden, Applebees, Texas Roadhouse, Fox'sChik Fil A, Jimmy Johns, Pizza HutTarget, Kohl's; MauricesChocolate! Vanilla, cinnamonAnything! It is the thought that countsGreenI have two active girls and am always on the go! We eat out a lot and I love watching movies with my husband.No
8/16/2017 9:22:03Allison WrightOffice - Nurse NurseBoating, running, outdoorsy stuffCoffee-starbucks pike roast, Coca-Cola, Sweet TeaSkittles, starburstChilis, Panera Bread, Buffalo Wild WingscandlesZoes, Chick Fil A, SonicTarget, Walmart, Trader JoesNothing Bundt Cakes, lemon flavored thingsI love them allGift cards, home goods, fragrantTurquiose, yellowWe enjoy movies, popcorn, dinner datesNo
8/15/2017 12:45:44Michelle RibeiroOffice - SecretarySecretary / Office Reading, Cooking, Family Activities, GardeningUnsweet Iced Tea coke bottles and gummy bears We love Chili's, Italian Food, and good BBQ anywhere. My husband is a meat eater. Urban / Farm Style accessories (white, silver / buckets) Zoe's Kitchen, Subway, Elke'sMacy's, Walmart, Target and Grocery stores (of course)Pies Lavendar, Eucalyptus/Spearmint, LemonIt's the little things and the thoughts that countBlueI have older children in California.I have three grandchildren. I have one 12 year old here in Texas. He loves sports. We are always on the go. We love being home as a family and hanging out. No, and thank you for asking :0)
8/17/2017 9:41:16Alis BrantlOffice- AttendanceHart OfficeGardening/spending time with my familyDiet coke/Caramel FrapChoc covered pretzelsChili's/Jason's Deli/Wild Salsa/Zoe'sSnowbabiesElke's/Jason's Deli/Zoe'sTarget/Hobby Lobby/Anything :)Lemon, Vanilla, PeppermintGift cards/Candles/lotionsBlue I love spending time with my family.None
8/16/2017 9:28:59Heather BouskaOffice- ReceptionistReceptionistCookingIced green tea, Chai tea, water with lemons/limesTortilla chips/salsa, cashewsVillage Burger, Chick-fil-A, Zoe's Kitchen, Elke's MarketNoElke's, Zoe's Kitchen, Chick-fil-ATJ Maxx, Target, WalMart, VersonaNot really a dessert personNoneNail polish, gift cards, sparkly thingsAny shade of pinkMarried with two older girlsNone
8/15/2017 11:45:43Ashley McAdooPEK-4/PEworking out, traveling, & trying new foodsparkling water ( all flavors) trail mix, any kind of protein bars, and reesesany sushi,BJ's restaurant,glorias,pizzanail polish chiptole,starbucks, & any place with a good saladGap, Old navy, amazon, & targetcake,cheesecake or cupcakesvanilla anything from the heart :) blue and redMy husband and I love trying new food places and are building our first home. no allergies
8/15/2017 14:52:54Dori BakerPPCDPPCDShopping, traveling, hanging with family Unsweetened ice tea, cafe mocha, peppermint mochaChocolate, popcorn, pits chips, rainbow twizzlers Chuys, Chick Fil A, Grimaldis, pappadeauxs School/teacher suppliesChick Fil A, Jason's DeliTarget, Old NavyAll of them!!!Vanilla, fruity, tropicalGift cardsPink, turquoise, purple Love shopping in Downtown McKinneyNo
8/15/2017 16:51:43Susan PatinoPre-KPre-Kgardening, traveling, cooking100% orange juice or coca colafruit and dark dove chocolateSalsa Tex Mex , Cappuccinos, Carrabba' s, Bonnie Ruths nosalads, mexican, pizzaTarget, J.C. Penny, T.J. Maxcheesecakearomatherapy anything blueWe are board game players and love doing barbecues.none
8/15/2017 13:59:45Valerie CzechowskiSpecialsPK-4/Musicarts and craftssparkling water, sonic diet cherry limeade, starbucks skinny vanilla latte, any diet soda Fruit, nuts, anything chocolate, chipsCheesecake Factory, Gloria's, any Italian place, La MadelineChristmas ornamentsChick-fil-a, sonic, paneraHobby Lobby, Old Navy, Target, Walmart, Charming CharlieCookies, ice cream, anything chocolate!, cheesecakeVanilla, spiced pumpkingift cards, candlesBlueI love to do things that my husband, son (2 yrs), and I can enjoy togetherNone
8/15/2017 15:33:36Terrie CunninghamSupportInclusion Aidepuzzles, playing games with the family (board games or card games), sewing (making quilts), anything craftyDr. PepperKit Kat, Twix, Cheez-it'sOn The Border, Chili's, BJ's, Wild Salsapicture framesMexican food (tacos), pasta, Caesar saladTarget, TJ Maxx, Amazon, Hobby LobbyChocolate!vanilla/fresh linen/anything that smells cleangiftcards!teal/aqua, blackLove to decorate things with a rustic-chic look; love to do anything that will keep us active and having a good time togetherno
8/15/2017 12:17:06Thresa MilliganSupportResource K, 3Reading, crocheting, gardeningDiet Dr. Pepper or Diet PepsiMounds or Almond Joy, popcornChili's, Sonic, Cheddar's, Twisted Root Anything Christmas, garden/lawn decorationsJason's, Chik-fil-a, pizzaTarget, Walmart, RossCookiesVanilla, Lavender Handmade objects, just anythingBlue or silverI live on a farmNo
9/11/2017 19:12:29Alice HanksSupport
2nd and 4th /Sped Teacher
DIY projects, outdoor fun like camping and riding ATVs
Water, tea and coffee
fruit & veggies/ M&Ms
Canes, Cheddars, Olive Garden or any good Mexican restaurant
not really
Salads, Chicken wraps or tenders and tacos
Lowes, Hobby Lobby and Walmart
Try to avoid, but can indulge in cheesecake
anything citrus or berry
simple, live plantsreds and bluesCowboy fan!No
9/11/2017 15:55:07
Sharon Courtenay
Support - Art
Pre-K - 4/ ArtReading/painting/vacationingSweet tea:waterChocolate
Olive Garden/outback/chick fil a/rosa's
Chocolate or lemon desserts
Books, art supplies, gift cards
I have two daughters 16 and 18 and one son 4
8/15/2017 12:01:21Yazz TopchikSupport - DyslexiaDyslexia SpecialistBakingIced tea, Sonic diet cherry limeade, watertrail mix, sour patch kids, popcornMi Cocina, Pane Vino, NapolisI like chickens and fun dishtowels, snowmen I like salads from just any restaurantsWalmart, Target, Bath and Body WorksIce cream!Fresh scents like light floral or linenHugs and gift cardsdon't really have a favorite, I like everythingWe love to watch sports together, hang out playing games, cooking together or baking treats together!none
8/15/2017 12:52:07Teresa MooreSupport - ReadingReading Interventionist K-4quilting, going to musicals with my daughter, Sunday afternoon drives with my husbandwaterchocolate with caramel & sea salt, trail mixOlive Garden, El Fenix, Elke's, Spring Creek BBQWillow Tree Angels, crossessalad with chicken, chicken fajitas, pasta salads Target, Walmart, JCPenneynothing bundt cake - raspberry/lemonlavendar, apple/cinnemonsurprisesprimary colors (like a crayon box) =)My husband and I like to meet up with our adult children for dinner when our schedules work out. We enjoy going to the movies and going to Main Event to bowl and play games. When it's not so hot, we enjoy going to the zoo, farmers market, events or museums in Dallas.None
8/15/2017 11:29:01Eva PearlSupport- SpeechSpeech Language Pathologistreadingwater, black coffee with creamReese's Peanut Butter CupsZoe's, Gloria's, Cane's, Panera BreadNoZoe's, Cane's, Panera BreadNordstrom, Loft, TargetAnything ChocolateI can't wear lotions or scented perfums, I do like candles with light/clean scents (i.e. linen)I appreciate anything that a family or student has chosen for me!BlueMy family loves to travel, especially Disney cruises. We just went to Alaska this summer and have another trip planned this school year.No
4/28/2018 18:29:25Sharee Forman3rd GradePlaying with my kidsAnything coffee related, Sonic ice water with lemon/limeReese's PB cups, Peanut M&Ms, I love food so anything you like! Glorias, Cane Russo, Kelly's, Harvesttry not to. ;) Maybe multi-colored Paper Mate felt tip markersFreshii, Which Which, Zoe's KitchenTarget, Walmart, Dollar Tree for school stuff, Old Navy, Dicks or Academyyes please :) . love anything except coconutcookie, fruity (just nothing linen or cotton scented)letters/cards, giftcards or small treats (coffee, sonic, snacks)blackHave three young kids, we love anything pool toy related or giftcards to family fun experiences like Pin Stack or Top Golfnone.....THAAAANK YOU!!!
Beverly OrozcoCafeteriacoffee,hot chocolate, iced teakit kat, dark chocolatewhataburgersubs, saladsJC Penney, Ulta, TJ Maxx, RossCheesecake, PieCider, Lavender, Sandlewood @Bath and Body WorksGift cards, make-upBlack, Blue, BrownWe love to go to the movie theaterNo
Tamara FryCafeteriaReading, excersizing, learning new thingsCoke ZeroMilk Chocolates, BananasCowboy Chicken
Chick Fil A, Subway, Pie Five
I love drawings and when people share the things they love
I have 4 children. I go to school as well.
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