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Thank you for your reaching out to us. There are many changes here at Love FPG that not only are from within, but are reflected in today's current healthcare guidelines and regulations.

The purpose of these informational session is threefold:
1. To update you on new changes we have implemented at Love Family Practice Group in order to comply with recent preventive guidelines. These changes are intended to allow for more efficient visits by helping to drastically reduce your waiting time. Like the "self-checkout" registers at the supermarket, those that are willing to be proactive are going to receive the greatest benefit. (No more hours to wait to see your provider!!)
2. To introduce our new registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN), who has joined our team. Nutrition plays a vital part in medical care! Since greater emphasis is being placed on prevention, we are lucky to have the advantage to offer you nutritional consultations. Although this is registration for a group environment, individual sessions are available to you as LFPG clients. We encourage you to discuss any concerns and schedule individualized consultations at your upcoming visit.
3. To review current national prevention and wellness guidelines (that just happen to be mandatory for all clinics and healthcare facilities implementing the new MARCA protocols). In fact, those patients who do not try to learn to help prevent (or prevent exacerbation of) current/preventable illnesses may experience higher insurance premiums and copays as a result (Placing more payment responsibility on you). The benefit is that you may experience fewer hospital visits from any efforts put towards prevention and wellness!

(YOU ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND AT LEAST ONE OF THESE SESSIONS!) By doing so, you will be able to minimize the time it takes to address these issues separately and maximize the one-on-one time with your provider. Remember, preventive guidelines, although not technically Mandatory, might as well be....if not completed and reported to your insurance carrier, you may experience the "pleasure" of increased payments and copays.

How it works:
1. In the future, just check out our website at Scroll down. Click on the link to begin registration for another session that meets your specific preventive needs. Listed on our home page under the "Preventive Group Visits" tab are topics, as well as time and dates of these meetings. Feel free to browse and see what topic you feel that you would be most interested in!
2. Select the group topics that best serve your needs and would like to attend.
3. Complete this form which will automatically be sent to us. We will then contact you to confirm. That's it!

Benefits of these sessions:
1. It can qualify as a follow up visit. Attend a meeting, and you can request any refills after the visit that have not already been previously requested via your patient portal. No waiting!
2. You can take control of your own health. With a medical team (physician, nutritionist, trained support staff), we will cover all kinds of topics that may impact your health or simply submit your own idea to us!
3. Reconnect with your healthcare provider and meet others! Trending now is what is called "your medical home." This is what primary care providers are referred to today. The advantage of this is to help prevent sickness, chronic disease, or exacerbation of such, with the goal of avoiding costly hospital stays. Nothing (aside from our dedication to your needs) is ever guaranteed, but we will try our best to keep you healthy! (Remember, It's easier to Stay out of trouble than to Get out of trouble")
4. These sessions are just the latest example of what we try to achieve for our patients at Love Family Practice Group (visits that matter, visits that are efficient and visits that You control).
5. You can stay after the session if you have further medical concerns and/or schedule future appointments with your provider that couldn't otherwise be scheduled via the patient portal.


Please feel free to watch the following video (below) to learn more about medical homes.

What is a Medical Home? Why do I need one?
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