Spring Showcase Volunteer Pledge Form

Parent Volunteers are a vital part of making our Spring Showcase a successful, safe, and fun experience for everyone involved! Parents provide a warm and calming presence backstage that helps make this a magical performance for the students. In the front of the house, parents ensure that our families and guests have a great time while supporting their students and the School. Please think carefully about how you are able to help and when, as once we start making the patchwork quilt that becomes the volunteer schedule, it is nearly impossible to rearrange it if your availability changes. If you have a last-minute change in your availability, you will be asked to arrange for your own volunteer replacement. We cannot guarantee that you will be scheduled for your preferred volunteer job, but we will make every attempt to honor your wishes and, if possible, place you with your child. Background checks for dressing room chaperones will cost $10 and must be completed every year. Refer to the Spring Showcase Volunteer Handbook for more detailed job descriptions: http://www.louisvilleballet.org/DanceSchool/performances/spring-showcase/spring-showcase-volunteer-handbook/ Please complete this form by Monday, February 16th. Thanks for generously donating your time and energy to make these performances possible!
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