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Outside of homework demerits, what steps do you take to get students to complete their homework?What other steps could the district take to get students to complete homework? (Please provide reasonable ideas.)Missed homework is always a letter grade even if handed in late.:When students do not complete their homework, do you give them a chance to still finish it? Check the option below that best fits what you do.Missed homework is ½ a grade when handed in late.:When students do not complete their homework, do you give them a chance to still finish it? Check the option below that best fits what you do.Missed homework is a grade level off per day:When students do not complete their homework, do you give them a chance to still finish it? Check the option below that best fits what you do.Other:When students do not complete their homework, do you give them a chance to still finish it? Check the option below that best fits what you do.Check marks/Completion:How do you grade your homework?Participation grade in gradebook:How do you grade your homework?Graded as an assessment in gradebook:How do you grade your homework?Combination of above:How do you grade your homework?Other:How do you grade your homework?How have your updated/changed your homework assignments to reflect the skills outlined in the common core standards?If you answered "other" in question #3 and/or #5, please describe your policy.Yes:Have you reviewed the board policies on grading (R2624) and homework (R2330)? Be honest. It is ok if you have not!No:Have you reviewed the board policies on grading (R2624) and homework (R2330)? Be honest. It is ok if you have not!Yes:Do you implement a midterm or final assessment in your class?No:Do you implement a midterm or final assessment in your class?According to New Jersey Administrative Code (NJSA 18A: 7f. 46, NJAC6A: 30-1.4) 2 benchmarks must be utilized in all content areas. What problems or concerns do you have in implementing benchmark assessments and/or having them reflected on our school report card?Please explain how you arrive at final grades per marking period and the end of the year. Total points, percentages, midterm exam, final exam, etc.
It's part of their gradeNot sure reallyMissed homework is always a grade even if handed in late.Check marks/CompletionOtherHaven't yet but I plan on reducing the number of problems to give incentive for students to do it right.The homework is 5 points per and they add up to approximately 100 points for the marking periodNoYesNone. I already do itTotal points. 4 marking periods worth 22% each marking period, mid-term worth 6% and final worth 6% of final grade
Explain the relevance of the assignment and how it will help them in the future: For example, if I assign a prewriting activity for homework, I would explain that they will be using the prewrite to write the rough daft in class the next day. If anyone does not do the prewrite, then they will be behind and may need to do more homework to catch up the next day. I also include a homework completion grade as part of their overall average.I'm not sure. There needs to be some accountability for the student. Losing points off their homework grade may not be enough of a motivation for some. Missed homework is always a grade even if handed in late.Combination of aboveI give less worksheets (drill and practice) than I used to and more practical application work. For example, I may have students complete a worksheet of vocabulary words and their definitions, but also ask them to find one of the words in another piece of writing. YesNoFinding a reliable measurement tool has been a challenge for language arts. I use a percentage system: 50% tests, essays, major assignments, 30% quizzes and minor assignments, 20% homework and classwork
I rarely give demerits for not completing homework. I count it as part of their grade instead. It is more of an incentive to do it. And because it is a significant part of the learning process, I feel this is the best way to handle homework. Set up Genesis so it automatically generates an email to all parents/guardians involved as soon as a homework assignment is missed. Parents will eventually get tired of the repeated emails and encourage their children to complete the work on time. Missed homework is always a grade even if handed in late.Combination of aboveHW assignments revolve around literacy - reading informational texts while responding in the same manner they would on the PARCC.NoNoI feel they should be reflected on the school's report card. However, the tests need to to valid/reliable and I am not 100% sure ours are. Total points that come from: class participation, quizzes, essays/papers, and vocabulary.
Early in the school year, I provided my students with a worksheet of tips to aid with organizational skills. I also always provide opportunities for my students to come in for extra help before and after school and during Learning Zone. Additionally, I find it very helpful for students to copy their homework into their planners as soon as they enter the classroom and to reinforce this routine daily. In my BSI class, my aide and I checked to make sure each student had copied the homework assignments accurately. It was also helpful to give students tips on how much time to spend each night studying for an upcoming test. Finally, I always made sure to explain the homework directions at the end of class and to do several examples together with the students to ensure understanding and successful completion.I think it is very important for the school to provide students with support, particularly in the subjects that they find challenging. Learning Zone is a good opportunity to provide this support. As often as possible, small group settings and one to one instruction should be available to assist students who find the material challenging. I also remember reading that in educational research, peer to peer tutoring has been demonstrated to be an effective technique. Finally, I think that some students would benefit from the active teaching of organizational and time management skills. It is also important to motivate students and to reinforce the connection between daily homework completion and meeting their overarching goals for the school year. Additionally, it is also important to be cognizant of students who may have limited or no access to technology or the Internet at home and to provide these students with alternatives if possible. Finally, it would be great to have an after school program where students have a quiet place to do their homework with a staff member to help if needed.Missed homework is always a  grade even if handed in late.Check marks/Completion In the future, I would want to incorporate more assessments that demonstrate mastery of the common core standards. I would also try to incorporate more review of previously taught topics to reinforce the curriculum and to prepare students for testing. Even though I did not mark other in these questions, I would be open to allowing students to hand in assignments late for at least some credit. This way, they are more motivated to complete the assignment and hopefully, to learn the material they need to be successful.NoNoFor me, it would be very helpful to know what benchmarks assessments are offered by the district and what methods other teachers in the building utilize to meet this requirement. If the assessments we can use are technology based, it would be very beneficial to participate in training so that we know how to use these programs effectively and analyze the results. In regards to having these tests reflected on the school report card, I think one potential concern may be students who simply have a hard time with test-taking skills or who did not perform as well as they usually do in class. Another concern may be the correlation between what is on the assessment and what is learned in class. For the teaching assignment I completed this year, I used weights to determine the first marking period grade- 20% homework, 30% quizzes, and 50% tests.
All teachers should grade all homework. If it's not graded, it can't be that important. Keep homework to a minimum. We have the kids for 6 hours a day. Really, we should be able to educate them in that time with minimal homework. Also, have all teachers coordinate homework, tests, etc. Kids get overwhelmed with homework in too many subjects that get assigned at the same time, tests that occur on same days or concurrently, and long term projects that have to be done in different subjects at the same time. Students and families get overwhelmed. No
I review the material with my students during my classroom lessons. Then I assign practice problems for homework related to the lesson with examples so that they can look back if they forget how to do the work. I count homework for a grade at the end of the marking period, and I also remind my students that if they want to master concepts homework is one of the best ways to accomplish mastery.Our kids often have trouble finding help at home. Their parents have been out of school for many years and sometimes have trouble remembering how to do some of the things we require our students to do. After school homework club was a great time for students to get help when help was not available at home. I think that offering homework club to our students again would be beneficial to the district. Missed homework is ½ a grade when handed in late.Combination of aboveMy lessons are aligned to the common core standards and my homework is aligned to my lessons.homework completed is a checkmark, homework completed subpar is a check minus, homework not completed is a zero, and homework handed in late is a check minus.YesNo?I use the mean score for all of their grades.
I give them time at the end of a lesson to complete homework."Homework" by definition, reflects the concept for practicing what was done in class, to be completed at home. However, in recent years, it has become the responsibility of the teacher/school, rather than the student. Since we've abandoned the idea of students' responsibile for homework at home, we've given them time in class, we provide homework club....what's left? DON'T give any homework.Missed homework is ½ a grade when handed in late.Combination of aboveThe majority of homework assignments I give are in the form of journaling and research, both of which have always been alligned with core standards.NoNoThe main concern is student disinterest in my subject area.Every project, journal, quiz, is worth 100% and averaged into a final grade.
1/2 credit if completed by next dayhomework clubMissed homework is ½ a grade when handed in late.Combination of aboveparticipation included in gradingYesNostill need more informationhomework/classwork = 20% of grade graded cw&hw/quizzes = 30% of grade tests/projects/essays = 50% of grade
I've found that giving a "due week" instead of a due date increases homework completion.Require parent signatures on homework assignments. Missed homework is a grade level off per dayGraded as an assessment in gradebookI've tried to be more aware/deliberate about matching standards directly to homework assignments.NoNoNoneTotal points
Timelines are set up for long range assignments, and I check in with students periodically (example...Book reports are a 6 week project. I check in at least twice within that time to see where each student is within the assignment, i.e. "still reading, halfway through the book, starting project, done, not started, etc.) Assignments are posted on my website daily within the homework calendar. Students and parents can check this. I also post on my homepage any longterm assignments and due dates. There are links on my website for longterm assignments to assist with completion. There are some students/entire classes where I check agenda books on a daily basis to see that homework is being written down. I contact parents if needed. "Reward" for being demerit free for the marking period/year (but not necessarily a homework pass) Offer a true homework club...not a tutoring session with a homework time built in. There are some students who do not need remedial help, but just might need the time to get work done in a quiet place. OtherCombination of aboveQuestions have been realigned to meet the core curriculum standards. For example, journals have been revamped to ask for responses that connect between novels read throughout the year or between fiction and nonfiction pieces.There are some assignments that are graded...the students are made aware of this when the assignment is handed out. The students are also made aware of how the assignment will be graded (quiz, longterm, etc.) Any short-term assignment not turned in at the due date will receive a zero. Any longterm assignment not turned in on time, 10 points are deducted for every day the assignment is not turned in. Some assignments are just a check of work...if they are not completed, a demerit is given. I do not give a demerit and a zero for the same assignment. All assignments still need to be completed. All assignments are part of the final "folder" grade for each unit. If an assignment is missing from the folder, they do not get credit for it. All students have an opportunity to get all work completed by the end of each unit. There are occasions where I work with a student on an individual basis to see that work is completed with little/delayed or no penalty.YesNoI do not see a problem at all with using the benchmark assessments as a grade. It might make the students put more effort into it if they knew that it was a grade. Right now, they just see the benchmark assessments in my class as "another" assessment. Marking Period 1: 10% Summer ReadingProjects 15% Journals 25% Homework/Quizzes 50% Tests/Book Report/Folders Marking Period 2,3,4: 25% Journals 25% Quizzes/Homework 50% Tests/Book Report/Folders No midterm or final is given.
morning help session, panther time assistance, home contact as needed, after school assistance if applicableKeep reinforcing the importance of the student role in his/her education. School is their "job" at this point in their lives. If they do their job now, chances are they will do their "job" in the future.OtherCombination of aboveOtherI have used 10-point graded "exit" passes to gauge student learning/understanding during the academic period. #3 If the assignment is graded (most are), I tend to take a point a day for lateness, unless it is so late they should receive no credit. In those instances, the student usually receives half credit for turning the assignment into me (for caring at all). #5 did not have choices. #4 Graded homework assignments are graded as I would grade any other graded assignment. They are assigned a point value based on the particular assignment (generally lower than other graded assignments). NoYesBenchmark are our business, not anyone else's (parents). We use the benchmarks for our own purposes to assist students as needed. There is no benefit in including them on our school's report cards. Too many assessments detract from the actual teaching of the students, both academically and personally. Grades are based on points earned over the marking periods. However, students may not necessarily have the same total points possible for each marking period. There may be different versions of the same assessment depending on student ability.
*speak to students individually to express expectations and importance of responsibility *offer small incentives or rewards for 100% homework completion *allow 5 minutes at end of class to begin work on longer assignments *encourage students to visit me at Panther to read or work on difficult assignments with me nearby to help answer questions*positive reinforcement and small incentives for those who do complete it Missed homework is ½ a grade when handed in late.Combination of above*students are often asked more frequently to respond in journals to express ideas and support them with evidence from textNoNo*technology concerns always seem to arise with benchmark assessments * kids seem to be "over-tested" and assessment scores often do not reflect ability level; rather, they reflect the day's effort (or lack thereof) *the above reason makes it a concern for me to have benchmarks reflected on report cards*total point system that is a combination of homework, tests, quizzes, journals, literature circle discussions, group and individual projects
Use a weighted grading system and homework is worth 20-25% of grade.Grade the assignments and count them. Take home tests and quizzes. Missed homework is ½ a grade when handed in late.Graded as an assessment in gradebookTo some extent but more changes will be made.NoYesI have no problems or concerns.Weighted grading system. 20% homework . 25% tests, 25% quizzes, 15% lab/project 15% classwork. Final exam is 10% of grade for classwork for 4th marking period.
I invite them to come to my room during Learning Zone, or before or after school.1. Create a class level competition with a party for the winning class at the end of each marking period. Give extra points to students who help the slackards do their homework on time. This could be verified by timestamped photos and parental verification.OtherGraded as an assessment in gradebookYesStudents may hand in homework late the same # of days absent from class.NoYesnonepercentages
Students are given the opportunity to receive extra help during learning zone. If a student does poorly on graded assignment I will work with that student during learning zone on the assignment, where half credit is given back. If assignment is graded, students lose 10 points per day it is late. I believe the current system works.... Demerit is given for incomplete homework. Points are deducted if graded... I believe that if demerits are taken away, students will not complete homework. Homework is not given as busy work, it reinforces the lesson. Missed homework is a grade level off per dayGraded as an assessment in gradebookAssignments focus on high level thinking, students have to "look for" the answer instead of only recalling from class discussion. Homework tries to incorporate the common core in both writing and reading.NoNoI am not sure what assessments are "good" for social studies. They are not as easy to develop as other content areas. Would be helpful to see an example!My grading system is based on points. Tests/major assessments are worth 100 points. Quizzes are worth 50-75 points. Homework 10-25 points. Projects depending on assignment 25, 50, or 100. Writing 50 or 100 points.
Our team works with students during LZ time when possible. Missed homework is a grade level off per dayGraded as an assessment in gradebookNoNo
I work with students who are having difficulty learning concept and reteach lessons or review homework that is assigned with lesson. I also ask students to do some assignments first when I think they may have problems during learning zone.Students who do not complete homework are given demerits in 5th grade. If the homework is graded the student will lose 10 point off the assignment instead of the demerit. Students are required to make up work that is not completed. This works with most of the students. Missed homework is a grade level off per dayGraded as an assessment in gradebookAssignments should be reflective of the common core standards. I have researches generic assignments that may be used with many novel to practice RL. 5.1-RL.5.10 standards.NoNoThe district benchmarks do not always reflect a true and total picture of the students. If benchmarks are going to be placed on report cards staff needs to be properly train when necessary. Parents need to be given all the information concerning what the benchmark is measuring and how to interpret them correctly. How are we comparing their student to other students. (district, state, national)Grades are determined by percentages. 50% are made up of test grades, 25% is quiz grades, and 25% are made up of homework grades.
I work with students during LZ pd if time allows.I think the demerit system works for most students. Missed homework is a grade level off per dayGraded as an assessment in gradebookHomework assignments reflect the class assignments which are related to common core standards. NoNoBenchmark assessments are always a challenge in the area of writing. I don't necessarily think the assessments we have used in the past truly reflect students' writing ability. I don't think such assessments should be reflected on the report card. Grades each marking period are averaged according to percentages. To date, this has been based on Writing/Tests (40%), Quizzes (30%), Spelling/Vocabulary (20%) Homework (10%).
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