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5:In what grade(s) are your child(ren) enrolled in at Lopatcong Middle School?6:In what grade(s) are your child(ren) enrolled in at Lopatcong Middle School?7:In what grade(s) are your child(ren) enrolled in at Lopatcong Middle School?8:In what grade(s) are your child(ren) enrolled in at Lopatcong Middle School?Have you had other children who attended Lopatcong Middle School?I am highly knowledgeable of the CCSS:What is your level of understanding of the Common Core Standards and the impact they have on instruction?I have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expert:What is your level of understanding of the Common Core Standards and the impact they have on instruction?I am not knowledgeable about the standards:What is your level of understanding of the Common Core Standards and the impact they have on instruction?Do you feel the grading system is consistent across content and grade levels at Lopatcong Middle School? Please explain any concerns you have.In your experience, did you feel that the grades your child(ren) earned were a true reflection of his/her knowledge and/or ability in each content area? Please elaborate on your response.Please explain your experience with your child's homework. Were the assignments challenging and did they serve as an extension to the learning in the classroom? Please explain.How can we improve our assessments and grading protocol in order to best suit the needs of our students? Consider the academic population inclusive of special education, basic skills instruction, gifted and talented, etc.
5NoI am not knowledgeable about the standards2014-2015 will be my sons first year in the middle school so I do not know much about this yet. In elementary school they were, but again, my son goes into 5th grade this year, so I don't know.Elementary school at times gave too much homework!!!! I have heard the middle school does too, which burns kids out and discourages them and makes them HATE school and they don't have any or not much free time to just relax and be a kid because all time after school is spent on homework, especially if they are not experts at it! Sometimes homework is NOT beneficial! If they are grouped in classes with kids their same level (not grade level but level of understanding what is being taught) they should be graded on how well they do in the class. Not an overall grade of what the school expects they SHOULD not. Not all kids learn at the same level or pace so each kids grade should reflect that.
5NoI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertSomewhat.No. Due to homework or projects affecting the outcome of final grades no. Also each child has a different learning style.Too much homework not enough emphasis on true learning and understanding of materials.As each child is a unique individual and might have a different interpretation of the information being given the focus should be on making sure they grasp the skills as suited. Not just insuring they pass final exams.
8YesI am not knowledgeable about the standardsYESYESSeemed appropriateNeed more feedback from instructors as to strengths and weaknesses of my child in order to help focus her in those areas that need help and to be aware of those where she meets or exceeds expectation.
57NoI am not knowledgeable about the standardsyesyesYes they were definitely challenging and extremely time consuming.n/a
8YesI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertIt seems like they are.YesThe assignments were fine but I had a problem with the children not being able to do home work in Panther time. At one point we had one child who could do homework in Panther and another who couldn't both in the same school year. I have one child who is not a school person at all and to have them have that time and "not" be able to do homework seems ridiculous.I think the grading is fair, etc. But since I have your attention you should lower the summer reading to 1 book going into 8th grade. Other children in surrounding towns do one book and some even get to pick the book. I understand reading is important but all the PHS (unless Honors) they need to only read one book.
68NoI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertNo, because students with higher learning ability are merged with students of lower learning ability and they are graded different, are allowed to use study guides to take tests or allowed open book tests. These mixed classroom environments are unfair to kids who are at a higher level of learning as they see first hand the difference in grading. Can't say because the parents aren't allowed to see most of the papers and grades that my children receive. And when my daughter brings home a study guide and studies the entire thing, she takes the test and finds so many more things on the test so what she thought she was knowledgable in, turns out she wasn't!!! My kids have entirely too much homework. 3 hours of homework added onto their school day is ridiculous. Also not happy that my daughter brought home math homework and constantly told me that the teacher didn't even provide instruction on it but they were expected to not only do it, but be quizzed it the next day. Keep students of similar learning ability in the same class!!!! So the entire class is learning at the same pace, instead of waiting for the lower level kids to catch up. The upper level kids are given projects and assignments and the rest of the class not. That's not right, put them with kids of similar learning abilities so they can all do it together.
8YesI am not knowledgeable about the standardsyesyesa fair amount was givenI am not a big fan of gifted and and talented. I would rather see honors classes or more opportunity to take other classes at the high school during the 8th grade year to challenge those who are strong in certain classes. Also, it would have been nice to see the chain link leaders change each year to give more children an opportunity to have that experience.
6NoI am not knowledgeable about the standardsThis is my first child going through middle school so I really don't have anything to compare to. However I do feel the grading system was consistent in 5th grade.Yes,over all I feel the grades my child was earning was a true reflection of her knowledge. There were on occasions at the end of the year in math that she had areas that she struggled, because she did not completely understand the concept making homework very difficult and stressful.Overall homework was challenging enough and was a reinforcement of what was taught in class. I do feel that there were certain math concepts at the end of the year that could have been discussed a little more to ensure everyone had a good understanding and felt secure in knowing they knew the concept.Over all I was pleased with the grading system. However one thing I feel should be considered is the fact that my child had received through out the year some "quick quizzes" and most times only consisted of a few questions or problems giving no room for error. I feel these quizzes could easily bring down grades unnecessarily. In regards to njask testing in the math section my child had said there were problems on the test that she did not learn in class, making it difficult to complete if never taught before.
6YesI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertYes, the grading system seems consistent. Each grade level team works together to set standards.YesHomework was not a problem. There was not too much, sometimes there was too little. Sometimes projects did not seem to add as much to the learning process as a different type of homework could have.I don't have any problems with the grading system
8NoI am not knowledgeable about the standardsI feel it is consistentIt depends upon the teacher. .. some teachers go the extra mile to make sure kids understand the content, others do not. Homework has always been a major headache in my house. There have been many occasions where my child did not understand the assignments and I was at a loss as to how to explain. It's hard to say because every child is different and has different needs. I feel extra credit assignments would be great for all because I'd any child gets a bad grade or misunderstands anything they can get a second chance to improve their grade.
7YesI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertYes, we have felt that the grading was consistent. No concerns.YesI think the level of homework is appropriate and challenging. Usually, there is one class (ex. Math) where there is far more homework than others, but it works as long as there are not 5 classes with a lot of homework. Additionally, being able to work on some homework in school helps keep stress levels down in the evening.We have been very please with the support that both our children have received at LMS. They both have/had IEP's focused primarily on reading. The Special Ed team (specifically Ms. Pearson and Mrs. Gable) are wonderful. We have found that LMS does and excellent job preparing students for successful high school careers.
5NoI am highly knowledgeable of the CCSSN/A havent had a child go through middle school.N/A havent had a child go through middle schoolN/AN/A
7YesI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertno opinionno, students can pass all their tests but homework not completed can significantly lower their grade.Some of the homework is difficult to help with. I know math up to trig and calc and find the wording for simple math in lessons confusing.make homework count less towards grading and enforce discipline more when not turned in etc.
5NoI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertN/AN/aN/aN/a
5NoI am not knowledgeable about the standardsI'm not sure yet because she will be entering Middle School in Sept. I'm can only go by the elementary school...No, because she gets very nervous when is a test or she is put on the spot.My daughter struggles with a lot of subjects and I feel she did not get the help she need it at the elementary (4th) . I had contact teachers but it didn't seem to help at all. So the homework's were always hard for her. She would forget most what she learned that day by the time she got to her homework.Kids these days are in school all day and they get way too much homework. It is very hard for a lot of them (specially if they struggle). They brains have so much going going in school and after school with homework and after school activities that they don't have a chance in been a kid. I think less homework and homework should only count as 10% of their grades. I'm not sure in middle school how much the homework counts towards their grades.
7NoI am highly knowledgeable of the CCSSyesyesyesno answer
7YesI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertGet rid of common core Get rid of common coreGet rid of common coreGet rid of common core
5YesI am highly knowledgeable of the CCSSNo - even with a 504 in place some teachers give demerits, some don't; some email when they forget homework, some don't; some teachers have tons of grades others only have a handful; sometimes the parent link is not updatedYes - it is more a homework issue and consistency issueI believe parents across the district feel 6th grade is the most difficult team to work with and there is an enormous amount of homework. Overall, I have had a good experience at LMS.Consistency Time for assignments Updated parent link
5NoI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertYes. Yes. The grade is reflective of the students abilities. Sometimes, the teachers help out resulting in an inflated grade.Wish there is more homework.none
8YesI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertI feel that I don't have enough information to answer this question. My child rarely brought home any of her graded tests or quizzes . I think that in many cases my child wasn't challenged enough. The students were combined this past year , as in, every level of learning ability was in one classroom with the exception of Math. While the teachers tried to keep everyone at their pace, I believe that it was unfair for students who learn faster to be held back waiting for everyone to be on the same track. what stands out the most is 7th grade Math. My child was in the highest math and often, homework was given before the lesson was completed in class or even taught at all, and expected to be learned for a test or quiz in a matter of days. I am fine with challenging, but Math, being black and white, needs to be explained until it's learned. in other classes some homework assignments seemed to be redundant. How can we improve? By recognizing the different skill levels and rewarding them by giving them "honors classes" like other districts do. Challenge and recognize their abilities. I am all for special aid for the students who need it, but there is also a need on the other side of the scale. I also feel a very huge disconnect with what goes on past the office doors in the middle school. I feel like we as parents are unwanted nuisances. I rarely feel welcome when I walk into the office and feel like I'd better have a good reason for being there. I rarely get any feedback from the academic teachers unless I initiate the conversation. My child is often frustrated over the unfairness of how some students are allowed to slide with forgetting homework, coming late, dress code, while others never get a second chance. Some teachers are very slow with keeping up on the grade portal. For me, a parent who checks the portal daily, I find it extremely frustrating that the teachers are not completing one of their required jobs. My child is a very good student and I feel like she receives no recognition for it.
8NoI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertWe came new to the school so it is hard to say yet?Yes! The teachers provided great feedbackAbsolutely!That is very hard to answer because all children learn differently!!
7YesI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertI can only answer this question based on the comparison of my children's experiences. My oldest children ages 17 and 16 are excellent students who are self-motivated and strive for personal excellence. I felt their Middle School experiences were similar in that they were challenged enough, but not too much, so that they enjoyed their Middle School years. More importantly, they were adequately prepared to continue to excel in high school (3.7 and 3.9 GPAs). My youngest child, age 12, is not self-motivated and does not strive for personal excellence. Whereas there was never a need for teacher involvement for my older children, I feel my youngest is not getting the attention he may need to meet his potential. In all fairness, I don't think the teachers have the time to give him the individual attention that may or may not help him succeed. From my own observations, as a parent I was not successful in tutoring and motivating him to improve his math and writing skills. However, private tutoring at a well-known learning center for the last 15 months in math and writing skills has shown a positive effect in his math grades on his 6th grade report card compared to his 4th and 5th grade report cards (from C's and D's to A's and B's). The math tutoring was actually only a 6 month program, 4 hours a week, which ran from May through December, 2013. The writing program is still in progress and will continue through September 2014. I have not seen any significant improvement in his writing/composition skills to date. In comparing the content of his essays, reports, and research papers to that of his siblings when they were his age, I do feel that more leniency was given to my youngest child. For example, he was given the opportunity to take his assignments home to finish them the last week they were due. I specifically remember my older son was not allowed to finish his assignment at home and was penalized with 10 points taken off his grade for submitting it a day late. I do feel teachers do give my youngest the benefit of the doubt because he does have a likeable personality. They might have more experience in dealing with his type because it's obvious to me that admonishing him, being too firm with him, and taking a "do nothing" approach do not have the desired effect. Because grades were never an issue with my older children, I would say yes. Because my youngest son's grades are below his ability in my opinion, I hesitate,but reluctantly, agree. I do believe the reason my youngest son's grades are not up to par is due to his lack of interest and time spent studying and doing homework. I see a positive correlation between the time and effort my older children spent studying and doing homework with their grades, and the significant lack of time and effort spent by my youngest. I know it takes a lot more effort to engage my youngest in learning. I noticed he has a more positive attitude with hands-on learning than with book-learning. My biggest problem with my youngest child's homework issues is that I feel "left out of the loop" with knowing what the daily assignments are. I had a totally "hands off" approach with my older children. Since it appears my youngest son still needs assistance, guidance, and supervision, he is resistant to my "interference". It's not easy trying to figure out what is required of him because he doesn't use the assignment pad effectively. When I try to engage him in conversation about his assignments from the limited information I can get from his assignment pad or the website, it is met with resistance on his part. He gets frustrated when I critique his work or make suggestions for improvement. When I leave him to do it on his own completely, it looks like a rushed effort because he is not interested or engaged in the subject material or the assignment in general. With limited resources and continuing budget deficits, it's unrealistic to "be everything to everyone." Unfortunately, the majority in the middle is being left to their own devices with more specialized attention being given to the special education and gifted and talented programs. I do think there are benefits to integrating classes with all types of students. However, I do take the exception with those children who have "issues" that create extremely disruptive (violent) behavior in an integrated class. Two of my children had upsetting experiences in the classroom or cafeteria where "special needs" children were physically frustrated to the point of knocking over a desk and almost throwing a trash can. Even though my youngest son's grades are not all to my liking, I am strongly against simply giving him better grades so that he feels better about himself. He needs to learn the value of investment in hard work for a desired result. I'm beginning to realize that my son is who he is and the things that are important to me aren't necessarily important to him at this age. He has a lot of positive attributes that can contribute to his success. I think that's true of every child. Expecting the school and the teachers to best suit the needs of every student is nearly impossible with limited resources. Extracurricular activities can provide the gifted and talented children with the additional stimulation they need. One final note, I think the term "gifted and talented" is misleading at the middle school. I think it alienates a significant number of students by thinking they are not "gifted and talented" simply because they don't score exceptionally on standardized tests.
6YesI am not knowledgeable about the standardsMiddle School Yes Grade School NoMiddle School Yes Grade School No I like the straigt forward % based on how many correct answers.Could probably be a little more challenging.I think the grading is fair and reasonable.
57NoI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertMy youngest is just entering 5th grade this coming school year, so I can not accurately judge.No. I feel that when the children are struggling, the teachers do not communicate to the parents unless the kids are utterly failing. I do not feel that my child is getting a good education.Sometimes, but I feel that as a parent I do not have enough information about the content they are covering, so when they get stuck, I can not help them and the teachers just let them slide as long as they are passing. They often do not really understand what they are learning. They are also not inspired to learn. The curriculum is repetitive and boring - not engaging and creative.I think the teachers need to be more creative - tying lessons to real life and inspiring the children to embrace learning. For example, when I was planning to take my child to a science museum, I emailed the science teacher for input to tie in the lesson to what we were going to see - the teacher didn't even reply to my email. I don't feel that my efforts as a parent to engage my child are supported by the teaching staff.
6NoI am highly knowledgeable of the CCSSNo! Some teachers weigh tests, quizzes, and homework the same. Other teachers weigh each area differently depending on how important they feel it is. No! It seems that teachers are teaching to the NJASK. Science is suppose to be hands-on. However, reading a textbook that is not on grade level is difficult for a child struggling to read. The CCS requires students to understand and apply the scientific method. I felt that many lessons were crammed in so that all units of study in each grade level were taught. My child would have done better if he/she did not have ample time to truly grasp major events in social studies. I feel that "some" of the homework is to reinforce what is learned in class. Othertimes, it is seen as busy work. It is frustrating when teachers are not collecting homework to monitor if students are grasping concepts. I feel that too much homework is given. The students need some time each night to participate in extra-curricular activities. The weeks leading up to the NJASK were test prep homework. This should have been done quickly in school to help students learn strategies on how to answer multiple choice and short answer questions. It is not to quickly touch upon all concepts learned throughout the year. I feel that various types of assessments should be given each marking period because all students learn differently and are at different levels. This would require teachers to differentiate instruction throughout the day and in-turn many students would be successful in school. I feel homework should be graded on whether a student completed it on time. It should not be a number grade. Homework is to reinforce and allow teachers to have concrete examples on what students are grasping and if a concept needs to be taught again. I feel that a group project should be graded based on what each student contributed to the assignment.
6YesI am not knowledgeable about the standardsYes, I do feel they have been consistent. Yes but I do feel that my children could have done better. I don't think that they were showing their full potential at times. Yes, they did serve as an extension to what they learned in class. However, homework I feel is tough and a little extreme and shouldn't take as long as it does to complete. These kids need a break from the school day not just go to school come home do homework, eat, shower, and then to bed to do it all over again. I think that every child is different and every child learns differently and I think that we need to cater more to that. I think that a child with special needs vs. a regular child in school should not be punished in the same manor as to their learning or homework because of the different circumstances. Also, that said the same thing should apply for every other child because as previously stated each child is an individual and learns differently from another and if we could in some way be able to help them more in the classroom and with homework at home with the different ways of learning the children may be more successful.
7YesI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertIn general, yes.In general, yes.Yes, they seemed challenging and appropriate.One area that is in dire need of fixing is the Spanish language component. Spanish language instruction at the middle school is a running joke. With activities that have absolutely no relationship to learning Spanish, it is no wonder that a child can go through middle school and only know the numbers 1 through 10 in Spanish.
57YesI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertyesyesUsually I have no problem with the homework. However, I am not a fan of the bigger "projects/assignments" that are given over holiday and extended breaks. I end up at the craft store spending more than I would like to "compete" with the other projects being done by other students. I sometimes feel as if all these extra items are busy work during time off.As I understand it, Math is the only subject that the students are organized by ability. As a parent with a child with special needs, the lack of organization (by ability) of the other classes does not always help my child, instead there is more confusion. In addition, I have know many older children who have gone through the system and I do not agree with the stipulations of gifted and talented. I have had a child who exceled in math and sciences and one who did in reading and history, but with the current guidelines, did not qualify for G & T. Again, this resulted in not being challenged enough in the classes they exceled in.
5YesI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertyesyeswe have struggled with homework over the years, although my older children were not classified or had a 504, they struggled and lost interest Homework Club was beneficial they just seemed to get lost in the shuffleI'm not so concerned about the grading, my issue is getting the student that didnt score well where they need to be my 5th gradder is getting the extra help she needs, but she is classified it's the ones just getting by that seem stressed out
6NoI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertI do believe the grading system is consistent with each grade level.For the most part, I believe the grades were a true reflextion on her knowledge and ability in each area. My daughter did express fear regarding asking questions on subjects that she did not understand, as she stated "the teacher needs to move onto the next section and doesn't have time to go over the homework that was given for the previous day".I feel that there was a bit too much homework given. Most nights it was taking my daughter 3 hours or more to complete homework assignments and to study for tests the following day. I'm not sure if this was because she was not understanding the concepts in school and was afraid to ask for help..... I understand that there is a lot of concepts that need to be learned in a limited amount of time, but I do feel if the students are not understanding one concept, they will not be able to build on the next concept.
5NoI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertN/A my child hasn't started middle school yet so I cannot answer question...If they will be graded like they were in the Elementary school then no. It is too general and not specific to my child.Not challenging at allSeparate the kids based on reading levels and test scores.
7YesI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertto the best of my knowledgeto the best of my knowledgeyes, the assignments were challenging for both students. Some of the homework was not posted on the websites which required teacher contactEasily accessible teacher contact for parents would be one. Some teachers will not accept late work or give grades to any late work...some children take longer to complete assignments and they should receive at least partial credit for these completed assignments.
7YesI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertYes.For this current student, yes. I believe for the most part her grades are a reflection of her knowledge. She is usually a fairly good test taker when it comes to testing what is immediately learned.Sometimes, I truly believe it is sometimes just busy work. Homework is fine....projects quite often go off course!I understand a lot is based on yearly testing. Sometimes, I do not always feel that is an accurate assessment of a child's knowledge. I also believe their yearly studies and grades need to come into consideration as well. Not that this has any bearing on testing or the questions at hand, but an Honor Society (Jr) would be great at LMS. Most area schools do have this type of recognition as well.
6NoI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertNot sure... No teacher really speaks with you. How is it that my child is in MS for the first time and I don't speak to or meet any of his teachers!Again...... SEE ABOVEThe assignments were not explained enough on the websites of teachers and my son NEVER knew fully what the homework was!!!COMMUNICATION!
5NoI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertChild begins this fall.Child begins this fall.Child begins this fall.I would recommend special projects or assignments to those students who fall just below the G&T testing requirements. Many students are at the top of their class but may not test acceptably for G&T. They return to their classes, continue to do well but feel unchallenged. That gap is critical to fill.
6NoI am highly knowledgeable of the CCSSYesYes - I liked that homework counted towards the gradeThey were an extension except the math was difficult to assist with. I loved that a book came home with science and social studies as well as study guides.I strongly believe that you need to implement study hall again and stop with the tremendous amount of work added with learning zone. Children need to learn time management and the amount of homework on the days that there was learning zone was ridiculous. There are still study halls in the high school.
7NoI am highly knowledgeable of the CCSSNo, I sometimes feel grading is not consistent. especially when it comes to projects or homework. sometimes they are counted towards the grades sometimes they are notYes, I felt my child was learning, and at times was challenged. she had to really work hard to earn her grades letting me know that she was truly working to the best of her ability. The homework assignments were sometimes challenging, and did serve it's purpose. I think you need to take the assessments you have and look at the CCSS expectations for 7th graders, and see if your assessments really help you evaluate your students according to the CCSS. Take a look at the professional learning modules for PARCC assessment. This might help in seeing what you should keep or no longer use/ maybe change or update as far as your own assessments.
58NoI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertObviously, teachers differ in their grading but I feel most are comparable. I think it is difficult to grade different content areas in the same way. For example, the way in which science with labs, test, ,etc. would be very difficult to grade in the same way as a language arts class. However, I feel that my daughter was graded in a reasonably consistent manner so far in her three years in the middle school.Yes, my daughter's grade reflected here knowledge. She works very hard to learn and maintain her grades. Most of the time, yes. But sometimes the amount of homework given is a lot. After spending,over 6 hours at school, there were some nights that if my daughter had an activity, she would be up late doing homework without spending much time with our family. I believe that homework is valuable, but that it should be an excellent reinforcement or extension to the learned activity that day. It should not be used to complete something not finished in class or just to give homework. My daughter is a very diligent students and works very hard to maintain a almost straight A report card, but sometimes there just weren't enough hours in the day.It is hard to say what system would be better, but perhaps just broadening the scope of evaluations. Perhaps some individual assessment time. One on one oral conversations about certain subject matter could be beneficial to seeing a child's understanding of material more than a written test could. I think the variety of assessments is excellent in some areas but could perhaps be better in others. I understand that with a large class this could sometimes be difficult, but standardized testing and paper and pencil tests really do not accurately collect some students knowledge of skills in many circumstances.
5YesI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertYesYes and no. Tests were mainly given by chapter and there was an emphasis on homework, when they got it, or notebook work. What was not clear is that there were a LOT of in class work to which they could not bring home so I am unaware if those grades reflected content learned.There was little homework given. I believe the students are learning what they need to learn (minimum) but not learning beyond that as there was no expansion of work. This maybe ok now but did not prepare them for what is to come in high school. In class work seems to be big but they could never bring it home enhance it or improve it. I do not want the students loaded with homework but there is a skill learned when homework or projects are consistantly assigned. I believe overall it works.
68NoI am highly knowledgeable of the CCSSyesyeshw was always a problem b/c textbooks were not available to look up material to try to help my kids with. Some of the hw assignments were too challenging and my kids were frustratedNot all assessments should be given on the computer. There is still a lot of value to paper and pencil tests b/c then teachers can comment on mistakes, and students can reflect on errors and learn from them. The grading protocol should consist of a variety of assessments to show that the student truly has knowledge and ability in each content area.
8YesI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertyesyesYes but I disagree with Summer reading requirements. You have no idea how much arguing goes on trying to get children to sit down and read when they aren't big readers. Forcing it on them does not make them enjoy it and it causes huge problems for parents, especially working parents.I don't have an answer for this one...
7YesI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertI believe it is consistentYesYes. The homework was challenging and excursions of the classroom learningNot sure what you are asking with this question
6NoI am not knowledgeable about the standardsyesyesOnly for her math class- did I feel that what she learned in school was not enough ofr doing her homework- often she would come home and I would have to teach her. Luckly she did end with a A in the classNone
58NoI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertThe grading is pretty consistent considering the natural progression of the grade levels. I do not believe that the homework level is consistent. The amount and type of homework seems more appropriate at the elementary school level, but not at the middle school level (seems excessive at times).Regarding homework, I believe that the grades received represents the effort put into the homework, but does not reflect the child’s knowledge or ability accurately. I feel like there is a lack of enthusiasm and desire for my child (and others) to perform his best on homework. This may be a result of some of the answer to question 6 below. There may be a lack of communication between the teachers and students, as some missed assignments are given as 0’s because the student feels/believes he can not make up the work or hand it in late with a penalty. As a result of missed or late assignments, the grade suffers, thereby understating the child’s knowledge or ability. Regarding grades received in class, I believe the same statement is true. The grades are effected significantly by the effort put into work, and the knowledge received is underestimated by the grades received.Some assignments are not an extension of what was learned in class. Many time my child had no idea how to do the homework, and it is very difficult to help them with the new ways of teaching (I can get the correct answer, but don’t know how to get it the way the teacher wants). Homework needs to be truly a reinforcement of skills previously learned in class. One big concern (after witnessing 3 years of middle school) is that the amount of homework needs to be appropriate for the student’s age. The amount of homework should follow state guidelines and recommendations from appropriate authorities. A good rule of thumb (and generally accepted) is that a student should receive 10 minutes of homework per grade level (60 minutes for 6th grade). In order to achieve this, teachers need to coordinate their homework and realize that their class is just one small piece of the puzzle. A 6th grade student getting worn out working 3 hours a day on homework does not benefit him, either scholastically or mentally. One example of this is when I photocopied my 6th graders math homework and did it myself to see how long it would take, it took me 45 minutes (I understood the problems and worked as fast as I could), and that was just one subject. Big research projects take up a lot of time, and should be considered into the amount of work a student needs to accomplish at home. While recognizing that homework is important, it is only beneficial if it is an extension of what was learned and that the amount is appropriate.I think coordination needs to be improved. Not only coordination between the teacher and student, but also between the teacher and parent. All three parties need to be on the same page. I also think we need to improve and expand the help our students need regarding learning disabilities and children with special needs, particularly with mastering the basic skills. It is easier to have a student excel who is gifted, than to bring up a student who is struggling. This applies to recognition of the student struggling as well as implementing a plan. It is very easy for a student to get down on themselves and become extremely self-conscious when they are struggling. I’m not sure how to accomplish this other than saying to give more personal help during the day to the students who need it, but recognizing the fact that improvement is needed in these areas may be a good first start such that appropriate discussions can be had.
58NoI have done some reading on them or have heard about them but I am not an expertI much prefer the percentage system as opposed to the ES system. I have felt there were consistency issues within certain grade levels. Obviously Language Arts is a more difficult subject to grade.No. When a student turns in a late paper and is docked the grade, then is that 70 a true representation of his knowledge/ability? However, I also understand and agree with the importance of punctuality and the student's taking responsibility for his work. I don't agree with a 0 for a late assignment. Nor do I agree with demerits for homework attempted. Not having been in the classroom, I am not sure how the assignments have extended to the classroom lesson. I often have a confused child that I can't help because I don't know what the lesson was. My children are usually challenged by their homework. I don't agree that homework is necessary every night and wish it could balance easier with our busy schedules.I think the target should be no more than an hour or two of homework a night. My boys often have sat for 4-6 hours struggling with things I can not help with. They have also had easier night of 30 minutes and that has been fine. It also depends on student and subject. Everyone has different strengths. What may be helpful is parent support such as a video of the lesson to go back over online with the student at home. This would also allow the parent to understand how they are supposed to be helping. I know some teachers already have this. And I know this would be too difficult due to the subject for other teachers, just saying. The teacher websites are actually not the easiest to get to, by going to the school website, clicking on each teacher name, clicking homework link and checking the calendar. This is also not consistently updated between teachers. Is there not a way for the teacher to input homework into the parent portal and have it connect to each student in a specific class? Of course I can't log in to Parent Portal right now to see what other options there were. Love the Parent Portal by the way, but that is also a way that there are inconsistencies between teachers. One will put the grades in as s/he grades them, so it will be after-the-fact when parents see it. Others will put a placeholder in on the due date of an assignment so that parents are aware of the upcoming deadline. Thank you for asking. I know our teachers give their hearts and souls to our kids, so I would not want to put them down. But there is always room for adjustments, yes?
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