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Please submit by 5:00 p.m. on the Friday before the PDC meeting prior to the conference.
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Will you be traveling with others from our district?
Location of Workshop/Conference
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Will this workshop affect student achievement?
Has your administrator approved for you to share the information learned from this workshop/conference with your peers?
Are there other monies available for this workshop/conference?
Possible other monies may include Title 1, building funds, etc.
Are you willing to pay for lodging, meals, and gas?
Will this workshop/conference bring more resources to our school that were previously not available?
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Cost: Registration/Fees
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Cost: Lodging
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Cost: Roundtrip Mileage ($.45 per mile)
Calculate from your school building; No mileage paid for Springfield.
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Cost: Meals
$20.00 per day if local; $30.00 per day for overnight stay
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Total Cost
All expenses added together (The total amount you are requesting)
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