PIPEX Examiner Data Form
Examiner Data Form for the Board of Examiners
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Section I. Summary Information, Self-Assessment, and Preferences
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Indicate the years that you served as an examiner
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Self-Assessment Part I *
Please indicate your self assessment of your ability to evaluate an organization in the seven categories of the Partners in Performance Excellence (Baldrige) Criteria. This will primarily be used to build a profile of our Examiners’ strengths so that we can build balanced teams.
Somewhat Qualified
Highly Qualified
Leading Expert
Strategic Planning
Customer and Market Focus
Information and Analysis
Human Resource Development and Management
Process Management
Organization Results
Self Assessment Part II *
Indicate your self assessment of your expertise in these areas
Very Little
Satisfactory -
Satisfactory +
Highly Satisfactory
Broad expertise and experience in quality or process improvement
Broad expertise and experience in business, healthcare or education
Analytical skills
Verbal skills
Writing skills
Work as a team
Leadership skills
Section II. Education, Assessment/Evaluation and Work History
Organizational Assessment/Evaluation Experience
Describe any experience in evaluating an organization, including the criteria used (Baldrige, company-specific, ISO9000, The Joint Commission, or other accreditation, certification or regulatory agency criteria).
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Work History
Provide bio/resume information here, beginning with your current or most recent position. Include education information. OR you may email a resume instead of filling out this Section. Email it to Michelleeddya@comcast.net
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