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2016-2017 Parent Satisfaction Survey
We are interested in learning more about your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes towards your child's school experience.

When answering these questions, please consider your child's current 2016-2017 experience at Clear Fork Elementary.

This survey will help us understand different aspects of the parent/school relationship. Your answers will be used collectively; we will not be evaluating individual responses. There are no right or wrong answers.

We want to work with our parents to create the BEST school possible.

Your child/s grade level for 2016-17
How often have you met (in person) with your child's teacher this school year? Check all that apply.
In the past year, how often have you spoken with other parents from the school about your child's school experience?
How often do you help your child with homework?
How often have you helped out at your child's school this year?
How often do you engage your child in academic activities outside of school. Ex. reading books, going to plays/museums/state parks, joining public library programs, etc.
How often have you visited your child's school this year? Ex. classroom visits, evening programs, Open House, etc.
How well do the activities offered at school match your child's interests?
How well does your child work independently on tasks at home? Ex. getting dressed, completing homework, completing chores, etc.
CFE uses daily greetings for every child, positive reinforcement, redirection and reminders, time away from tasks, parent contact, and restitution for infractions, when necessary. How well does this discipline approach work for your child?
How often does your child read for fun?
How well do you feel the school is preparing your child for the next school year?
How well did the pickup/drop-off system work for your family this year?
CFE values the cultural diversity of the students.
My child is motivated and engaged in classroom lessons.
Administrators create a learning environment so students can learn.
CFE has created a welcoming and positive environment for learning.
The response time of teachers, administration, and other school staff is within:
I felt like I could approach my child's teacher when I had a concern this year.
What language do you currently speak with your child?
What is your relationship to the child?
Do you have any additional comments or suggestions for us?
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