Executive Director Position - Deadline for application: When filled.

Please see job duties in policies and procedures, listed here.

Qualifications of the position:
1.WA-ACTE, WA-FACSE and ACTE membership
2. Past experience includes service on the WA-FACSE Executive Committee Board.
3. Continuous interest in WA-FACSE.
4. Management skills and organizational ability.
5. Competent secretarial skills.
6. Adaptability to carry out a variety of responsibilities.
7. Ability to relate to the membership and public in a pleasing and professional manner.
8. Independent reliability in creating records, maintaining records and communicating information.
9. Available office space in home.
10. Personal transportation and telephone.
11. Computer knowledge and previous experience helpful.
12. Commitment to the position for a minimum of two years.

1. Position is on a contract year from July 1 to June 30.
2. Annual compensation: up to $4000
3. Reimbursement (by established WA-FACSE voucher policy) for Association telephone calls, postage, duplication, and identified transportation costs.

1. Executive Director is supervised by the WA-FACSE President.
2. 90 day initial evaluation by the Executive Committee.
3. Bi-annual evaluation by the Executive Committee.
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