CTE Student Intent Form
To graduate as an RGV LEAD Scholar, a student must meet all four of these requirements:

1. Complete all courses required for the Foundation High School Program (FHSP) with at least one Endorsement.

2. Complete the high school portion of a six- or eight- year program of study that includes, in high school, a coherent sequence of two or more career and
technical education courses for 3 or more credits.

3. Complete at least two college-level courses as part of the high school graduation plan. Each college-level course must meet all of the following
(a) Must be a career and technical education course taken for high school credit.
(b) Must be either an articulated course for which the student has earned a grade of 80 or better or a dual-credit course for which the student has earned a
passing grade.
(c) Must be a course that is included in a college-and-career focused program of study graduation plan.

4. Complete a declaration of intent to be an RGV LEAD Scholar.

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