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Franklin Absence Form
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This form is to be completed by parent/legal guardian only.
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Reason for Absence *
Is the reason for absence due to a communicable disease? *
If not, select "No."  Otherwise, please select the disease your child has been diagnosed with.  This question is required to comply with county standards.
Date of Absence *
An absence will be excused if reported before 12 pm on the day of the absence. If absence is multiple dates, please select the first absence date.
Multiple Day Absence Ends
If absence is multiple dates, please select the last absence date.
Hours of Absence *
Please select the appropriate box(es) for the hour(s) your child is absent.
Agreement to Properly Excusing a Partial School Day Absence *
I understand that even though I am notifying FHS about my child's absence, he/she will need to check-in or check-out at his/her Assistant Principal's Office before attending class or leaving school.  If my child does not follow through with this procedure, his/her absence will not be excused.
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