LiveOn NY Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE)/Senior Rent Freeze Program Survey
LiveOn NY and Enterprise Community Partners have released a report documenting that substantial numbers of older New Yorkers on the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE)/Senior Rent Freeze Program (hereinafter SCRIE) who are still paying over 50% of their income in rent. SCRIE freezes the rents of senior households living in rent regulated housing who are paying over one-third of their income in rent. The report can be found at

Cap all rents at one-third of income: One of the major recommendations is that NYC establish a program where all seniors on SCRIE pay no more than one-third of their income in rent. This would be an important step forward in ensuring that thousands of older New Yorkers in rent regulated apartments could continue to afford them and have money for other daily needs.

Help us strengthen the SCRIE program: By filling out this survey you will help make the SCRIE program for seniors a better program.

This survey is crucial to show the need for capping rents at 1/3

To move this effort forward, we would greatly appreciate as many seniors as possible to complete this survey. It is a brief questionnaire, and it can be filled out by hand, or online, please visit our website,

Please complete this survey online, It saves our staff time, as we will have to enter all studies completed in print through a database manually.

If filled out manually, please mail completed surveys in bulk to SCRIE Survey, LiveOn NY, 49 W 45th Street, 7th floor, NYC 10036

This is an Anonymous Survey! – We only ask for your general demographic information. No name is required or any identifying information.

For questions or comments on this survey, contact Bobbie Sackman, Director of Public Policy at (212) 398-6565 ext. 226 or or Andrea Cianfrani, Deputy Director of Public Policy at (212) 398-6565 ext. 233 or

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8. If you are not enrolled in SCRIE, why not?
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9. Do you get help paying your rent from somebody outside of your household, such as a friend or relative? *
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12. If you answered "other" to question #11, please write the other things you have to do because your rent is too high.
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Need help with SCRIE or other benefits?
If you or somebody you know needs help applying for SCRIE or other benefits, please call the LiveOn NY Benefits hotline and Benefit Outreach representative will get back to you soon. Call (347) 815-5930.
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