2018 Lismore Diocesan PRIMARY Convener/Manager Nominations
This is the official form for Diocese of Lismore staff members including casual teachers to apply to convene a Diocesan event or manage a Diocesan team in 2018.

The sport nomination section further below is in the form of check boxes which enables you to indicate exactly the position/s for which you wish to make application e.g. if you wish to be a Diocesan Convener AND a Diocesan team manager of a sport please click on BOTH boxes for that particular sport. This facility will also enable you to apply for positions for over two or more sports e.g. touch convener and athletics manager. Please however be realistic about how many officials' positions you are able to fulfill next year and please make sure your Principal is aware of all positions you are seeking before you make application.

Diocesan Convener/Manager Selection Guidelines - The Diocesan Sport Council will consider the following when deciding appointments:
- Convener gets first call on being manager.
- Qualifications.
- Past service/experience - especially successful service/experience in this position. However, the Diocesan Primary Sports Council reserves the right to appoint a lesser qualified or experienced applicant, provided that applicant's qualifications are adequate, in consideration of the need to encourage new people to Diocesan sport positions. Actin in the position for a number of ears, successfully or otherwise, does not necessarily ensure reappointment nor should an unsuccessful application necessarily suggest unsatisfactory previous performance in the role.
- Application must be received on time.
- Quality/detail of application.
- Gender balance considerations e.g. must have a female on the coach - teacher, manager or other.

Nominations close on Tuesday 22 August 2017.

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Convener and/or Team Manager Nominations
You may select one or more positions below. Please be sure to indicate if you wish to be convener and/or team manager of a particular sport/s by clicking the appropriate box/es. All positions are for 2018 unless otherwise stated.
Optional: For those who are applying for more than one position, place each of your nominations in priority starting with the position you most wish to be appointed to
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Principal's Approval
This is very important (especially as we will not require hard copies or signatures this year): My Principal is aware of this/these application/s and has given approval for me to officiate in this/these positions should my application/s be successful.
Qualifications/Previous Experience
Please supply in dot form (not sentences) and please be as brief as possible as there is limited space. Please scan and email (preferred) or mail a copy of any current accreditation or other supporting documentation to John Cocciola - Diocesan Sports Coordinator to - Email: jcocciola@lism.catholic.edu.au or Post: John Cocciola, Presentation House, PO Box 158 Lismore NSW 2480
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First Aid Qualifications
Please provide the title/s of your current First Aid Accreditation and also email or post copies to John Cocciola (see above question).
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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