UGC NET Examination Paper-2&3: Paragraph Question: Series-8
Read the passage given below and answer the questions based on your understanding of the passage

In British Columbia (B.C) there are no public libraries on reserve, and the libraries that do exist on reserve are generally small, underfunded band council collections, and band school libraries. In Ontario, the provincial government contributes to the development of public libraries in First Nations Communities. However in 2001-2002, only 52 of 141 First Nation libraries in Ontario received operating grants, and because the operating grants are based on population size many small communities are underfunded. Among First Nations Communities, libraries are not always a priority when there are pressing needs in the areas of rights and title claims, infrastructure, education, and health. A First Nations library worker explains: “We need all our money to fund our land claims. If we don’t have land, we don’t have community. If we don’t have community, we don’t need a library.”

The Library Services for Saskatchewan’s Aboriginal Peoples Committee is composed of Aboriginal and public sector representatives who meet six times a year to advise on the implementation of the recommendations.
Public libraries in urban centres tend not to differentiate between Aboriginal people and the general population. As a consequence urban Aboriginal peoples are often not well served. There are exceptions, such as the Albert Library branch of the Regina Public Library and the Spadina branch of the Toronto Public that work.

Which of the following reflects the position of libraries in British Columbia? *
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Which of the following is true about public libraries in urban centres? *
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In Ontario in 2001-2002 *
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Which of the following is not true about the library services for Saskatchewan’s Aboriginal Peoples Committee? *
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Among first Nations Communities *
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