15-Day TOEFL Speaking Challenge
If you would like to improve your speaking scores, get feedback on your answers, and listen to examples from fellow TOEFL test takers, you've come to the right place. My name is Jonathan and I'm a TOEFL-prep trainer. I've worked with dozens of students who have obtained overall TOEFL scores of 90+, 100+, and even 110+. I've even taken the test myself and scored 117 (28 in Reading, 29 in Listening, 30 in Speaking, and 30 in Writing). The techniques and examples that we will work on are effective and are designed to help you improve your organization, topic development, strategy, and more importantly get you great results.

During the next 15 days we will work on each of the 6 TOEFL speaking questions and strategies for each. You'll have multiple examples to work with so that you can practice with each strategy, receive feedback, and monitor your progress so you can assess your weak points and strong points.

Throughout the challenge you will receive an email with an example question, an explanation of the strategy to use, and we'll be using a simple voice recording tool called SpeakPipe Voice Recorder. You can test it out here:
https://www.speakpipe.com/voice-recorder Then with the help of another Google Form such as this one, you can submit the link to your recordings, and then on a Google Sheet you can listen to other people's recordings, see the feedback that you and they receive, and hopefully learn from both.

This challenge is free to join and if you are interested, please sign up below and answer a few questions about yourself and your preparations so far.

Also feel free to share this link (https://goo.gl/forms/fcSkh3bbHcgZq9GI3) with your fellow TOEFL prep friends so that they can participate with you as well.

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When do you plan to take the TOEFL?
What are your target scores overall and for each section?
What other resources have you used to work on your speaking practice so far?
What do you feel are your main difficulties and obstacles for the speaking section?
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