Mr. Johnson's Parent Survey
Please answer all questions about your student. All submissions will be used as information to aid me in teaching your child. Thank you!
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Canvas will be used by the students for notes, homework, review items, upcoming events, etc. Would you like to have access to Canvas? I will use the email that you provide to give you access. *
As a parent/guardian, I have read the syllabus and I understand the rules for class. I agree to follow all rules and classroom procedures set forth by Mr. Johnson, the administration of NLHS and the Lincoln County Board of Education. *
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In previous math classes, my child typically made... *
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Does your child receive classroom and/or testing modifications? *
While we will receive all modification information within the first 10 days of school, I want to be sure that all students receive their modifications starting on day one. If you would prefer to contact me directly with information, please do so.
My child receives modifications based on their:
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