Challenge Mission Template
Please fill out this form to submit your challenge mission. The Academy in Infinity Wars is being replaced with "Challenges" , which will provide players with unique challenges built by both Lightmare and the community. The goal of a Challenge is to challenge players, so don't be afraid to make the most dastardly puzzle you can think of!

Some tips:
- Challenge missions are going to be the puzzles of Infinity Wars. Specific outside-the-box thinking to get around a tricky situation is encouraged, but a challenge where you fight a fair game of Infinity Wars against an AI will probably be pretty trivial.
- You can make a mission where the player can bring in their own deck, but if you do, realize that your challenge is going to be more about owning the right cards and their deckbuilding problem solving, rather than their in-game problem solving.
- The best designed challenges have all the information laid out in front of the player, without hidden information on turn 1.

Name of Challenge *
Please enter the name you want your challenge to be known by.
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Name of Creator *
Please give your name, so that we can credit the final mission to you.
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Description *
Describe to us what this challenge is. Why is it challenging? What does the player have to do? This is your chance to 'sell' us on your challenge.
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Implementation Details
Please check all that will apply to your challenge when we're implementing it.
Your Decklist *
Please list the decklist that the player will have in your challenge, and the order that they'll be in. If the order is irrelevant then please state so. A full 40 card decklist is rarely needed, just enough cards to see them to the end of the challenge is enough. Alternatively, your challenge could allow them to enter with a deck of their creation.
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Opponent's Decklist *
Just like you listed out your decklist, please list out the opponent's decklist.
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Starting Cards
Some challenges already have cards on the field. If this is the case, please describe what will be on the field.
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AI Description
How do you need the AI to act in this mission? Specific instructions are best, for example: "On turn 1, the AI attacks with One of Many. On turn 2, it plays Skraar and defends with it." If the AI requirements are too advanced, then the mission might not be possible to implement.
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