Liberti Ministry Foundations Cohort Application
Thanks for your interest in a Liberti Network Cohort! We’re excited that you’ve decided to take a step of faith, and take an application. The Liberti Church Network plants churches that seek to live, speak, and serve as the very presence of Jesus for their neighborhoods. We work together as a network to plant more churches, engage with regional mercy and justice initiatives, and partner in international missions together.

We’re currently seeking to recruit and train post-college men who are either just beginning in ministry or are completely new to ministry and want to grow in pastoral and/or church leadership. The Liberti Ministry Foundations Cohorts are designed to provide you with focused mentoring in the context of community with hands on experience. We pray that Jesus will raise up more pastors and church planters through this effort. Liberti cohorts are:

-Relational. Recognizing that discipleship happens in the context of friendship and love. You can’t grow into the leader that God is calling you to be on your own… you need mentors and good friends.
-Missional. Recognizing that Jesus has called his people to be part of his redemptive mission, and that servant leaders serve on the frontline of mission. For leadership training to happen, you need to be allowed to “play with live ammo” and actually lead, serve, teach, and shepherd.
-Ecclesial. Recognizing that all of the above happens in the community of Jesus known as the church. We hope that most men in the cohort will be able to serve in a Liberti Church.

Liberti Cohort groups will work through a consistent flow of assigned readings and group discussion, as well as the opportunity for real time training and experience in the various phases of ministry. Each cohort is led by a group leader experienced in pastoral leadership and church planting. Our hope is to equip and empower the next generation of pastors and church planters who will plant churches that seek to live, speak, and serve as the very presence of Jesus for their neighborhood.

If you’re interested, and want to find out more, simply complete the attached application and email us at:, or fill out an application and mail it to:

The Liberti Church Network
Attn: Cohorts
2424 E. York Street, Suite 122
Philadelphia, PA 19125

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